A J T e c h
Full Metal Jacket
Beautiful, Brilliant Finish, Increased Impact Resisitance,
Ultimate High Performance Shaft

Once Again AJ Tech has changed the color of golf .



The new Silver and Gold Metal Series shafts feature a metal woven fiber cover with a clear coat finish so you can see every detail, also providing protection for the super high modulus (57 million fiber matrix) material in the shaft.

Gold Metal Series

Metal 4000
Our hottest shaft ever. The gold metal woven fiber over high modulus ultralight graphite makes this shaft the ultimate reshaft for your new TaylorMade 500 series, or Callaway driver. Special tapered shaft geometry tapers to fit a .350 clubhead and will fit most .335 tip clubheads.
2.9 torque, 70 grams
In Reg or Firm Flex. Mid Kick Point, low torque.

Metal 4000TSP
Reshaft your Titleist driver with the new Gold Metal 4000 TSP (Titleist Shaft Parallel). 3 1/2 inch parallel, .335 tip section, gold metal woven fiber over high modulus ultralight graphite. Mid high kick point, low torque.
70 grams 2.9 torque (firm flex)
In Reg or Firm Flex

Silver Metal Series

Metal ZTour65
71 Grams (firm flex) 3.0 Torque R, F, S flex
Suggested Flex:
R flex 95 mph, Firm flex 105 mph, Stiff Flex 115 mph, X 120+

Metal Z Series
Z41(A flex), Z42 (R flex), Z43 (Firm Flex)
2.9 Torque, 64 Grams (firm flex) .335 tip
Suggested Flex:
A flex 85 mph, R flex 95 mph, F flex 105, S Flex 115


Installation Instructions:
Align Yellow Line on Butt toward target

We can build a beautiful driver with the new AJ Metal Series. We suggest the Advanced Golf Aurora driver or SuperNova fairway woods, SMT 455 Deep Bore, Nakashima 460, Alpha C830.2 or Alpha V425, email for a price quote.
Email us for help choosing the correct AJ shaft for your game. Happy to install these excellent shafts in your driver or fairway wood..$25 labor plus materials ($35 for bore thru).
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A testimonial:
"The AJTech Metal shaft you sent to me is more than I expected it to be. It has a great feel and I have picked up 10 to 20 yards off the tee. It is far and away the best shaft I have ever used. You will be getting orders from friends of mine who have played with me since I reshafted. I know that you will receive two orders soon."