Tomorrow's Technology Today

From the beginning of the game of golf, clubmakers have attempted to provide better equipment to improve the play of golfers. The importance of custom fitting has slowly evolved from this endeavor. Over the last decade, fitting technology has imporved significantly to include computer swing analyzers and other technology based forms of measurement. Naturally, the preminent role of the shaft has come to the forefront in fitting.

Many clubmakers and manufacturers have started to study the shaft's behavior during the swing. Various theories and methodologies have emerged, some with credible results. The search for the perfectly fitted shaft has let fitters to turn to the use of such tools as swing speed recorders and swing tempo timers, along with other means. Unfortunately, most of these methods share a limiting factor: the data is collected by observing what happens outside or away from the shaft itself.

Despite advances in matching shafts to one another, it is still very difficult to pinpoint the best shaft for the individual golfer.

Thanks to modern technologies we are now able to utilize dynamic sensing equipment that only a few years ago would have been impossible. Apache software designers have developed Master Fitting System (MFS), a technically advanced hardware system capable of collecting data used to design shafts for types of players or fit individual golfers with accuracy.

MFS works in conjunction with Multi-Matching to ensure that our shafts are truly matched clubs.