Check-Go, "The World's Greatest Golf Gizmo"

What began as an investigation into the ball balanced ball claims and counter claims, led me to eye-opening discovery. While manufacturers disagree over whether a balanced ball increases accuracy and adds distance to the ball in the air, there is no question balance affects putting. I found the Check-Go by Technasonic to be invaluable in determining the optimal balance point (equator) of every ball tested, including the Wilson True.

The Check-Go has been on the periphery of golf for almost fifteen years. It was even featured in the New York Times in October 1988. The current balanced ball issue has brought it to the forefront. According to Check-Go inventor Ken Burnett, on the second day of the PGA show, he overheard a Wilson rep at his booth comment," Boy, I didn't realize we launched a multi-million dollar campaign to sell the Check-Go."

While spinning a golf ball at 10,000 revolutions per minute, the Check-Go automatically realigns the golf ball's heaviest areas along its equator, so that a less than perfectly balanced ball no longer has a tendency to wobble, but rather roll more accurately on the green. The Check-Go will not make an unbalanced ball perfectly balanced. What it will do is show you the optimal balance point of each and every ball you put in play.

During testing for a balanced ball article, balls from every major manufacturer were tested, including the Wilson True. At least two sleeves of each type were tested (a dozen Wilson True balls) and in every case, the Check-Go found the balance point of each separate golf ball. Each ball was tested multiple times to confirm that the initial point of balance was indeed accurate. Had there been any perfectly balanced balls, each separate test would have produced a different equator, which never happened. Every ball returned to the same balance point time and time and time again.

The world's foremost expert on putting, Dave Pelz attests to the fact that balance definitely affects the ball as it rolls on the green. In The Wire, an Internet news service, a promo for the July issue of Golf Magazine talks about an article titled, Does Balance Matter? It writes, "There's been a lot of talk lately about golf balls and balance, but Dave Pelz has been saying for nearly 20 years that many balls are out of balance, sometimes enough to affect the roll and result of your putt. In research conducted at the Pelz Golf Institute, he calculated that when a ball's center of gravity is off by just a few thousandths of an inch, it can cause a short putt to miss the hole."

Teaching pro extraordinaire Roger Gunn, who has numbered among his students PGA Tour pros Tom Lehman and Steve Pate, says. "I don't get excited about too many things at the PGA Show, but the Check-Go was definitely the product of the year. It is simply the world's greatest golf gizmo. I had to have one myself within 30 seconds of seeing it work. I spin every ball I use prior to putting it in play." In a game where every stroke matters, can any of us afford to give strokes away?

While the Check-Go can't make an unbalanced ball perfect, it will show you its optimal balance point. I now mark the equator on every ball I put into play. To not take advantage of this state of the art technology would almost be a sin.

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