Clubmaker Pro

Clubmaker Pro is an exclusive new resource at yahoo! groups for full time clubmakers, pro shop buyers/owners, and retailers looking for information and special wholesale pricing on clubmaking components and supplies, golf products and more. Brought to you by your friends at Clubmaker Online, it's designed to simplify the process for shaft, grip, component companies to reach qualified high volume customers. If you're looking to design your own exclusive line of OEM golf clubs, golf shafts, or simply looking for the latest information and best prices on golf club components designed for full time clubmakers, we can help. To sign up for Clubmaker Pro, go to .

You'll be asked to provide proof (a resale license number or tax id) in order to subscribe to the list and to receive Clubmaker Pro information by email.

If you have any questions or comments on Clubmaker Pro or are a manufacturer or component company and would like further information on reaching this highly targeted group, please email me and reference Clubmaker Pro.