Homemade Weighted Practice Club and Laser Pointer

I've made 8 of these things and my customers love them.......cause they're

Sorry I don't want to include photos since this is too simple. Here is what
you need.

1. Iron head Your choice here. I bought a few for two bucks each (that's
$Cdn). Plenty of 3 irons out there and others from broken sets.
2. Old steel shaft. Note: any with long steps will work fine. Apollo Shadows
are not suitable.
3. Steel rod ........yep... .370" or close. This is optional of course.
If you don't want to have a heavy or high swingwgt then skip this.
4 Grip
5. Dowelling or cork to fit the butt.......Note you will be cutting down the
butt further to accomodate the laser so don't worry about .600 etc.
6. El cheapo laser pointer. I buy cheap chineese made with 3 batteries
included in the bubble pack. Cost is $2. Cdn Watch that you get a laser
pointer which has a parallel barrel. Some have caps that are larger than the
barrel. Mine have a little on/off button on the side of the barrel.
7. Epoxy.
8 Large drill bit about the same size as the laser barrel.
9. Rubber abrasive point

Steps to build
1. Cut off grip from old shaft an push steel rod down until it finds the
step into which it fits snug.
2. Remove steel rod.
3. Mark and tip trim the steel shaft below that portion.
4. Use about 16-18 inches of steel rod ...this will be the tip end of the
5. Try in your laser pointer...it will likely be a sloppy fit...so butt trim
to the next step and re-try pointer..
6 Assemble the two part shaft and head as you would any other club. Adjust
to proper length by sliding the shaft up or down the steel rod. Make sure
you put epoxy in the inside of the tip end of the shaft so that the rod will
have good bond.
7. After this has set, then taper the dowel to fit snug in the butt (cork
should be adjusted too if you have larger size corks) Put some epoxy and the
sides of the dowel. Don't get messy because you will have a lousy time
cleaning epoxy from the inside of the shaft. Start the dowel down about an
inch then guide it to a depth that just allows the button of the laser to be
pushed on. The dowel or cork is there so that during use the laser pointer
doesn't fall into the shaft.
8. Put a grip on (lots of buildup) then drill out the cap only large
enough to accomodate the diameter of the pointer barrel...but don't shove it
in too far (sheesh do I have to show you everything!)
9. Smooth the "entry" into the butt with a rubber abrasive point....funny
how only rubber can shape rubber..nothing else seems to work...files are

Ok, now all you do is put the laser pointer in and voila! the light shines
in your eyes and you are blinded!

Careful with the pointers guys, in Alberta they cannot be sold to anyone
under the age of 16.
I think you'll have fun with these. Since I'm into these for only about $10.
I sell them for $40.

Dr. Brian Pasemco
Class A Clubmaker