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GRIP RIP-Just insert the grip end of the club into the GRIP RIP and the old grip is removed quickly and safely. It works on all types of grips and is safe for use on composite and steel shafts. The blade is easily replaceable (one included).

GRIP LOCK GRIP ADHESIVE-The only adhesive specifically designed for the golf industry. Eliminates the need for expensive 2-way tape. This super strength adhesive saves time and money.

The new Fast Cat regripping system has been introduced to expedite the regripping process, thus allowing golf proprietors to increase the productivity of their operations.

The system may be used on steel and composite shafts. The process is simple. The grip end of the club is first inserted into the Grip Rip where the grip is removed with one pull of the club. The club is then placed in the Speed Clamp just inches from the Grip Rip. Using the Grip-Loc adhesive, which eliminates the need for time consuming, expensive 2-way tape, the new grip is easily installed.

The system is mounted on a free standing metal pedestal which stands four feet, so it consolidates the regripping operation into a compact area.

The Fast Cat system which includes the metal pedestal (bolts to floor), Grip Rip, Speed Clamp and one gallon of Grip-Loc adhesive costs $549. A free-standing portable unit, which may be easily transported, is also available for $799. For repair shops that have establised work areas, the bench top Fast Cat system can be added (bolts to surface) at a cost of $399. Shipping charges are extra.

Sold separately The Grip Rip is $99 and the Speed Clamp is $59

Fast Cat Regripping Systems

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