Looking for an extra 20 yards off the tee?

Maraging Power
Revolutionary Face Insert Technology.

Advantages of Maraging Steel
Maraging Steel (HRc 52-55) is two times harder than stainless steel and 85% harder than pure titanium. Hand crafted, high performance drivers built to your specs with your choice of the finest graphite shafts in the world including Harrison (the same shaft that won the 1997 Long Drive Championship), Penley, Graman, or Composites Dynamics.

The increased strength of the Maraging Steel Face Inserts allows clubheads to be designed with thinner walls in wood heads and the ultimate in perimeter weighting. The result: increased acuracy and distance. Ball velocity off the face is 3-5% greater than any titanium and/or steel clubs!

Jesse Ortiz, President of Orlimar Golf Company was the first to recognize this phenomenal opportunity and released its new Trimetal fairway woods with a maraging steel face insert with overwhelming success. In fact, over 75 Tour players are hitting the Orlimar club.

The increased strength of the Maraging Steel Face Insert allows clubhead designs with face inserts of 1.65-2.2 mm thin for the thinnest unsupported face in golf. In a recent article in "Golfsmith's Clubmaker, Tom Wishon, Chief Technical Officer of Golfsmith refers to the new maraging steel face insert technology as a "phenomenal equipment developement" and further states "I have to tell you, using super-strength maraging steel in a wood head is an amazing development".

A comparison: a 1.65 mm maraging steel driver insert (right) next to a typical 4 mm titanium iron isert. Most titanium wood inserts are 3 mm

Maraging Steel alloys have been available to the golf industry for years. Maraging Steel can be specially heat treated to extremely high levels of strength and hardness because of the high nickel content of the alloy. Why hasn't anyone used Maraging Steel Face Inserts before? Several have tried and failed but Maraging Power clubs were developed using a new technology (patent pending) that successfully bonds Maraging Steel Face inserts into wood and iron heads. Their brazing process perfectly bonds the face to the clubhead, maintaining maximum strength and performance.

Maraging steel alloys are twice as hard as stainless steel and 35% stronger than the hardest titanium alloy. On the Rockwell Scale of Hardness (HRc), stainless steel is 23-26, titanium alloys 28-41 and Maraging Steel 52-55.

Specs: 1 degree closed, 1.5 inch face height, 197 grams, 230cc.

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