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ACCRA Tolerance Technology

A limited selection of Accra Golf shafts (not including the new AXIV models) are now available as a component for skilled hobbyist clubmakers. Email for a quote.
ATT is a combination of numerous technologies developed by the engineers at United Sports Technologies in combined efforts with Mamiya Japan, that could only be created with the high modulus materials used in the production of ACCRA golf shafts. Resulting in a series of golf shafts offering the optimum launch conditions combined with controlled spin rates to create maximum distance with dispersion control.

The unique characteristic of ACCRA shafts is their ability to offer a responsive tip section without the fear of the shaft "feeling" like a "noodle", and offer super low torques without the shaft feeling "boardy".

To create this, the engineers at UST and Mamiya used 29 different types of prepreg combined with, up to, 80 ton composite material to create shafts that provide you with the most unique "feel" in the industry. No other shaft offers super low torque (for low spin rates and tight shot dispersion), responsive tip sections (maintaining launch conditions, increased club head speed, and no "boardy feel"), and incredibly strong hoop strength (adds stability to the responsive tip section).

No matter what level of proficiency you have developed or how fast you swing, ACCRA has a shaft that will help you ADD distance and REDUCE those wild shots.

The secret behind ATT is the patent pending blend of Low torque and a soft tip. Our engineers developed this process, and the NEW ACCRA is “taking it to the next level” just as our competitors have begun to realize the undisputable benefits. We have produced a series of shafts using the very best of raw materials to create shafts that reach all new levels of performance.

The PGA Euro Tour and Nationwide Tour players are constantly looking for High Launch and Low Spin…..Why shouldn’t you be too!…..As Tour players continue to move to ACCRA, you will too! And with our “30 day money back guarantee”…what’s stopping you?

Longer than any other graphite yet straighter than steel, a winning combination. This philosophy, driven from our SE model, provides all types of players using any ACCRA product the ACCRA advantage.

ACCRA Tour shafts feature designs with different characteristics to fit golfers of all playing abilities. Available in 40, 50, 60, and 70 gram weights, ACCRA Tour shafts offer high initial launch conditions, tight dispersion, and a controlled spin rate. For players requiring a moderate spin rate, choose the weight that feels most comfortable to you and ACCRA Tour Series shafts will offer that unique combination of playability and stability. The ACCRA Tour has combined for numerous victories on PGA Tours around the world yet is perfect for the recreational golfer who wants the best....ACCRA

The ACCRA SC takes the Torque to Tip deflection ratio to the next level. No shaft offers the feel and power of the responsive tip combined with a 2.0 torque. The 65 gram version provides those with slower tempo's to enjoy the accuracy and spin control of an SC without any "boardy" feel. The 75 and 95 still offer the famous ACCRA feel but are designed to ensure no lag (of the club head) in spite of the responsive tip section. Used by many of today's greatest players the ACCRA SC is perfect for the discerning golfer who wants the best.

The ACCRA SE 80 is in a class by itself....1.5 torque/responsive tip...need we say more!

Accra Tour Shafts/Specs Here (html)

Download pdf spec sheet AXIV Series

Download pdf spec sheet SE Series

Download pdf spec sheet SC Series

Download pdf spec sheet Tour Series

Download pdf spec sheet Tour HF Utility and Fairway shafts

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