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About Alpha Golf

Confidence In Your Game
Designing performance enhancing products for players of all levels is the core mission of Alpha Golf. Alpha clubs are innovatively designed, meticulously crafted, and consistently proven to provide superior performance in distance, playability, and accuracy.

The fundamental laws of Physics and Material Science guide the design of Alpha clubs. Rather than chasing the latest golf club trends, Alpha relies on refined research and innovation based on these underlying disciplines.

And the results speak volumes. Alpha products have received numerous accolades for performance, playability, and feel from major golf publications and equipment reviewers worldwide. With 6 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Titles under its belt, Alpha achieves confidence for both the serious golfers and the casual weekend warriors seeking superior equipment. Bring Your A Game.

Alpha Golf was founded in 2000 by Dr. Jim Yeh, after decades of innovative physics research and design for the aerospace industry. His pursuit for high-performance golf equipment led him to first join the industry as a designer. And in just a few short years, the Alpha design team led by Dr. Yeh has produced drivers, woods, and irons acclaimed by industry experts and professional golfers worldwide. Touted as “the Doc” by many of his associates and business partners, Dr. Yeh continues to push for innovation in titanium shaping, manufacturing processes, and effective club fitting procedures.
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Alpha Component Price List:
V5 LX-$309
Response Carbon Offset-$145

Fairway Woods
C830.2 FW, 3,5,7-$89
V2 FW-3,5,7-$81
V5 FW-3,5-$139
Offset FW-$49
LowPro FW-$49
RX HyperSteel-$54

C830.4 LX $54 each
C1 Pro Black Forged $61 each
C1 Pro Forged *usga v-grooves $61 each
V2-MB Irons-$54 each
RX-1 Irons-$30 each
RX-2 Irons- *usga v-grooves) $30 each

Alpha Prospec Forged-$73.00 each
Alpha PF-2C Wedges GW, SW, LW-$67.00 each
Alpha PF-2 Forged Wedges GW, SW, LW-$67.00 each

RX Low Pro -$49
C830.4 LX-$89
Response Offset-$49
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