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Element 21 Hybrid

Emc2 Hybrids

E21 Scandium Alloy Shaft
18, 20, 23, & 26 Deg. loft
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip

One degree OPEN face angle

Progressive offset make it easy to maximize trajectory for a wide range of players.
Low weight internally means a low center of gravity for easy launch.
Minimum crown thickness allows for maximum CG specifications.
Crown Louvers-exceptional alignment aid for improved accuracy.

CST (Contact Signature Tuned) to E21 Scandium Shafts for true contact with ball.
Open face angle enables user to control straighter shot pattern for wide range of players.
CNC milled scorelines control width and depth dimensions for maximum allowed by USGA.

Club # 18 20 23 26
Finished Length 40.5 40 39.5 39
Loft 18 20 23 26
Lie 59.5 60 60.5 61
Face Angle Open Open Open Open

E21 Scandium driven Shafts with Shock Block Technology

E21 shafts are manufactured using a prorietary 25-step production process to create seamless, extruded shafts. Variable wall thickness and the alloy's tensile strength and inherent properties result in our vibration dampening system called Shock Blok. Without the use of inserts, Shock Blok protects your body, bones and joints.

Perfectly symmetrical in diameter, thickness and strength.
Distance of graphite and accuracy of steel.
Soft feel and consistency from shaft to shaft.
Reduces vibration-energy is directed from hands and body bakc into the clubhead.
Torque rating as low as 1.4.
Highest strength-to weight ratio of any shaft currently used in golf.

Emc2 Hybrid with Eagle One Scandium Shaft-$174

Regular or Stiff flex


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Email us for a quote with your choice hybrid shaft if you prefer a shaft other than the Eagle One Scandium shaft.

Eagle One Scandium shafts are also available as an iron reshaft item.