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In their first season on the RE/Max World Longdrive Championship House of Forged shocked the longdrive community by taking 1st, 3rd, and 9th places in the Open Division.
This year, they've pulled off a "3-peat" by winning the World Longdrive Open Championship for the 3rd year in a row.
Clubmaker Online is proud to offer their prototype shaft designed for the rest of us.
Powered by Matrix Composites, the 46” PATRIOT series standard-length shafts are made with (18) unique and different layers of the similar high-quality graphite prepreg materials, similar engineering, similar highest-quality materials, and similar quality-control as our 50” WHUP-n-SHAFT Long Drive shafts , which dominated the recent RE/MAX WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS, taking 1st, 3rd, and 9th Places in the Open Division.

FLEX - These shafts are available in the following flexes: Lady, Senior, Regular, Tour Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff, X, and Tour X flexes.

WEIGHT – The shaft weight runs from 62-grams to 67-grams (depending on flex).

TORQUE – These shafts have 3.9 true torque

KICK-POINT – these shafts have a 2.06 mid/high kick-point.

.335 tip – all shafts have a standard .335 diameter tip.

Butt OD – the butt outside diameter is .600

PARALLEL TIP – the parallel tip section runs 4.5”

TIP TENSION STRENGTH – the tip tension strength is (firm) at 1.92
Available as a component or assembled in one of our premium driver or fairway wood heads, including the Geek Golf DCT, winner of the 2008 Remax Open Division and Hot List 2008 Recipient.

House of Forged White Shaft-MSRP $99.95




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