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Nickent Golf 4DX Evolver Driver:

The most talked-about technology in golf for 2008 is club adjustability, and the Nickent 4DX Evolver is the best combination of Tour Quality product, unlimited shaft options and value to the golfer. Now, every golfer can enjoy the same level of equipment customization that players on tour have had for years. No matter what conditions you face, you can configure your club to help you achieve your best possible performance on the course. It's like owning your own tour van.

Interchangeable Shaft Technology: Nickent's patent-pending interchangeable hosel allows the shaft to be removed and replaced in mere seconds. The lightweight aluminum hosel keeps the club performance extremely consistent compared to traditionally constructed clubs.

Ultra-Thin Titanium Crown: Brazing an ultra-thin 0.4mm titanium crown reduces the weight in the crown by 20 grams, freeing up weight to be placed where you need it most — in the heel and toe to maximize performance.

A-Frame Face: The patented A-Frame face Technology raises the sweet-spot high on the face so solid contact is made more consistently.

XW Inserts: Nickent's XW inserts are the most sophisticated weight technology in the game. The polymer insert helps dampen vibration while the weights in each port help achieve a high MOI (moment of inertia) for maximum clubhead stability and forgiveness.

Start with the clubhead in 8, 9, 10.5, or 12 degree. Right or left hand. Base price of the clubhead with headcover and wrench is $325. The Shaft Connector is $10. Next add shaft price. Build your driver with a choice of nearly any high performance graphite shaft from the finest shaft companies on the planet including Aldila, Fujikura, Graman, Graphite Design, Grafalloy, Harrison, Matrix, and Mitsubishi. You may already have a favorite shaft and we may have it a very special prices with the Evolver, email me for a price quote or help choosing.

Aldila Fujikura Graman Graphite Design Grafalloy Harrison Matrix Mitsubishi
DVS 660TR CUL440 YS-6 Epic Saga XCon5 Blueboard
NV Rombax W CUL540 YS-7 Epic Tour Mugen XCon6 Redboard
VS Proto Rombax X CUL640 YSQ Tour Concept Striper J Titanium Xcon7 Whiteboard
NVS Rombax Z Pershing Axis Striper Tour Code 6 Javln
Speeder Tour AD Grafalloy Tour Pro 1.8 Code 7 Bassara
569 ProLaunch Titanium Pro 2.5 F6M2
586 Pro 3.5 F7M2
652 Pro 4.5 XCon Altus
686 Pro 5.5 Studio 64
757 Studio 74

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