1996 and 1997 RE/MAX North American Long Drive Champion

"Zeider Golf was able to custom make a clubhead for me that helped me win the North American National Long Drive Championship. Not other club provided me the superior craftsmanship, the exact loft, lie and face angle and the superior clubhead strength to go the extra distance that I needed to win. This driver has a very solid feel and a more optimum trajectory that you don't get in other titanium drivers. It gave me confidence and it let me concentrate on what I had to do, instead of worrying about whether or not my equipment was up to par".

Jason's clubhead: "The Classic". 195cc. The Classic is similar to the 1953 Ben Hogan Persimmon. Jason won the 1996 North American Long Drive Championshiop with a 351 yard drive. He drove 360, 337 and 364 yards in the preliminary rounds of the competition. Jason was using a 4.5 degree loft, with a 1.5 degree closed face, 53 degree lie and a 195 gram head weight.

He won the 1997 championship with a drive of 412 yards with a "The Classic" 3 degree head and a 47" Harrison Pro 2.5 FL Lite Widebody

The RLZ head is custom made to fit any golfer in the world. The loft, lie angle, face angle and the club head weight can all be made to fit an individual player. Available in 195cc, 215cc, and 260cc


1998 was a tremendous year for ZEIDER GOLF. We were able to continue our dominance in long drive competitions and have a great increase in sales over 1997. At the 2 major events in 1998, we had 50% of all the finalists using our clubs and at the other, the World Championships, we had 33% of the top 12 finishers and 25% of the entire field. This is at a time when many of the larger OEMs are making an effort to get into the long drive market by signing some of the top long drivers and by giving away their clubs at tournaments. Because of our small size, we have not been able to do either of these two ploys. In spite of this, we have an even larger group on long drivers using our clubs. This speaks highly of the quality and performance of our club and also the customer service that we provide each and every customer.

For the average golfer, we sold clubs to every state in the Union and even several foreign countries. From these players we've had excellent feedback. Virtually everyone is hitting the ball farther and more accurately! With our new fairway woods and other product enhancements we're poised for an even better year in 1999.

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