What kind of grip weighs less, absorbs more shock and
maintains better tackiness?
Winn Grips


Radical Lightweight Design-Winn's new Just-for-Golfers and Just-for-Putters grips weigh about half as much as the leading grips on the market today, and in special application can weigh as much as 40 grams less. Cutting the grip weight:

1. Moves the center of gravity closer to the clubhead
2. Increases the moment of inerita
3. Reduces the overall weight of the club and thereaby permits a higher clubhead speed for greater distance.

Shock Absorber-the shock and vibration generated at impact travels up the shaft and what isn't absorbed by the grip is transferred to the golfer's hands and arms. Both leading brand grips reach their maximum ability to absorb energy at around 200psi. By contrast, Winn Grips are still absorbing energy at 343 psi, which means they absorb about 65% more than the leading brands.

Performance-Wet or Dry-Weather resistant Elastom ETM outperforms conventional grips in rain and damp weather. Its ability to absorb moisture-from sweaty palm or a sudden rain shower-will actually increase the tackiness of its feel. So you get great performance, with gloves or without, no matter what the weather.

Winn grips are comprised of a fabric underlayer interlocked with Elastom ETM, an advanced-polymer vertical pore overlayer and they are available in a"Classic" or "Tread" texture design.

Installs without solvents-all that's required is to slip on the molded underlisting and then tightly wrap it with the adhesive-backed Elastom ETM. Winn's unique Traction Edge design makes it almost impossible to make a mistake. If you prefer, Winn Grips are also available already assembled nd ready to install-in any quantity-just like the conventional slip-on grips you're accustomed to.

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