The "machine" consists of two units. One is a dip tube consisting of 1.5" PVC (approx. 22" long) with one end capped. This holds enough Wesley's Bleech White tire cleaner to cover the length of the grip. Second unit is another tube with a section of indoor/outdoor carpeting secured inside the upper end of the tube to act as a scrubber and bottom end secured inside a plastic container that used to hold salad peppers that has been filled halfway with water/detergent solution. Step one plug vent hole in grip with a golf tee, step two dip in dip tube, step three remove and place in scrubber tube and pump up and down, step four blot dry with towel, step five remove tee. Grip is now clean and tacky like new! If you do this to an unmounted grip it will be necessary to put grip the grip on the tapered end of an old shaft so you can hold it. After cleaning and reconditioning simply blow off the gr! ip with your compressor. I use an old piece of Taylor Made Bubble shaft for this. Works because the bubble holds the mouth of the grip and the air can't escape because the butt is plugged.

Some of you guys will just use a 5 gallon bucket and a scrub brush. I hate bending over and do too many grips to be bothered with such a simple method. Have a 5 gallon bucket with two nylon floor scrub brushes mounted inside to scrub the heads on irons. All clubs that are regripped get a free "bath". Customers are really impressed with the results of Tide Detergent, water and the scrub brushes!


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