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Golf Equipment articles by Mike Tait, owner and clubhead designer at SMT Golf

Nascar fitting vs. Car Dealer Fitting-Fitting Custom Clubs biomechanically-By Roy Nix. Founder Assoc. of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Build your own Frequency Meter
Check out Dave Tutelmans' detailed plans and build a top of the line frequency meter that he has designed.

More Resource articles from esteemed clubmakers from around the world!

Bobby Jones High Speed Swing Photos
Thanks to Shoptalker Bernie Baymiller for this incredible series of b&w photos taken when his dad worked for Spaulding back in the 1940's. Photos 5-12 are a swing sequence of Bobby Jones hitting a wood. You've got to check these out!

Dust Collection-A woodworkers tale. Must read for clubmakers working with graphite shafts.
Dust Control for Clubmakers-
What you can do to control dust

Reshafting Persimmon Golf Clubs

Harrison Sports-Article on shaft making processes.
True Temper Shaft Making Slide Show

Build your own drill press fixture

RK's Collection of clubmaking Tips...drill presses, reamers and more!

Arnies Homemade Grip Cleaning "Machine"

Arnie's Instructions on grip installation and removal with air compressor

Arnie's Homemade Golf Club Length measuring device

Arnie's tips on removing grip tape when regripping clubs.

Build your own spine finder

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A super easy way to reshaft bore thru clubs

Build your own homemade weighted practice club and laser pointer

Build your own homemade epoxy warming box

Here's another homemade epoxy warming box

Cheapee Impact Stickers by Burgess Howell

Spines and Golf Shafts by Bill Day

Shoptips by TP Domasky
The TightWads dream! Watch for lots of great do-it-yourself work arounds and tips to save time and money.

Covering up shaft blemishes, scratches, etc.
Use this trick if you remove a shaft for use on another clubhead and the hosel is shorter on the new head or there are scuff marks on the shaft.

Cleaning out hosels after shaft removal

Ferrule Refinishing

Why does Maraging Steel outperform other materials?

Build your own FlexBoard
By TP Domasky

Make your own homemade Sensicore

Reshafting your irons? Click here for a listing of OEM clubs
that require taper tip shafts.

"Its better to hit 230 into the fairway than
250 with less accuracy." Is it? How much "better"?


Clubmakers' Library

Reshafting Big Bertha's

Build your own Shaft Puller

Swingweight Factors

Beginning clubmakers

Arnold Palmer Golf Step by step assembly instructions

Lie Tutorial

Frequency Matching Graphite Irons

Pricing your custom clubs to make a reasonable profit.

Shaft Trim Table

Tip Trimming Chart for Harvey Penick Clubs

Influence of club length and clubhead weight on swingweight

What supplies do I need to get started in clubmaking?

Use your PC as a Frequency Meter

Build your own hitting "net"

Build your own "shorty" practice club

Save on a low cost Scotchbrite Wheel

Build Your Own Torque Tester

Cleaning Excess Epoxy

Epoxy Mixing Tips

Dave Tutelmans' Club Design Notes
The most comprehensive tutorial on clubmaking on the Web

More clubmaking articles by Dave Tutelman

Frequency matching with a meter.

Shaft Profiling

MOI Matching What moment-of-inertia matching does for golf clubs.

Frequency Matching

Effects of Clubhead Features

Effects of Shaft Features

Effects of Grip Features

Clubmaking FAQ-click here for an archive of questions and answers posted to the Shoptalk discussion group. Do searches by keywords and follow threads on your favorite clubmaking topics.

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