Easy Bore Thru Reshaft Tip from Al Taylor

Here's one that the purists won't use, but it works nicely. Simply place a piece of that
clear shipping tape over the bottom of the BT hole. Make sure the tape is tight
and sealed around the BT opening. Check the depth of the shaft insertion
and mark the position of the top of the head on the shaft. Install the
ferrule/o-ring just below that line. This will keep the shaft from
touching the tape. Put a dab of blackened epoxy down the
hosel/opening. Insert un-beveled shaft, in the orientation you like,
properly epoxied, of course. Dry in playing position. Epoxy will fill
the bottom of the BT and set up very smoothly against the tape. Gives a shiny
epoxy finish to the hole. FWIW.

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