Which OEM clubs require special tip diameter shafts?

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Which Woods require special tip sizes?

Callaway Hawkeye (.350)
Orlimar (.365)
Cobra Offset (.350)
Cobra Ti .370
Cobra Offset Ti .370
Cleveland TI (.350)
Goldwin .370
Ping TSI .350
Top Flight Intimidator(.400)
TaylorMade Ti-Bubble 2 (.400)

Suggested shafts for oversized hosel clubs:

AJ Tech 350 Lite or 350 Ultralite model-
New xmetal technology, installation friendly parallel tip with the famed AJ Tech feel and performance. This shaft sings with the new Callaway Hawkeye! Available exclusively thru Clubmaker Online to hobbiests. Only $75 for the lite model, $85 for the Ultralite. Orders | Questions
Harrison UL Pro 3.5 T35, T37, T40
Available in .350, .370, and .400 tip diameters. 70 g, 3.5 torque,Mid/Low flex point.
Blue/Grey color. $54.95 plus shipping/handling. Please specify tip diameter when ordering.
Apache Micro 58/350
Specs: .350 tip diameter, 69 grams, 2.6 torque, Mid/Low kickpoint.
Color Deep Blue. Price $57.42 plus shipping/handling.
Great with the new Hawkeye).
Apache Micro 58/365
Same specs as Micro 58 but with .365 tip and metallic black cosmetics
Price: $57.42 plus shipping/handling.
Click here for the entire Apache line of graphite shafts.

Also check out the new
Innovative TD350 and TD375, based on the popular Tour LT wood. (.350 for the Hawkeye, .370 for the Orlimar) and the BTD46 for you 975D reshaft.

For reshafting a Titleist 975D, try the new Retro, made by Composites Dynamics especially for Clubmaker Online. Designed for exra distance and control with these ot drivers Check out the chart at http://clubmaker-online.com/hpm.975d.html to help you fit your club with the perfect flex shaft.

For reshafting a Callaway Big Bertha, Great Big Bertha, or Warbird, try the new Retro OEM retrofit shaft from Fourth Coast Composites. We commissioned Composites Dynamics to build us the ultimate retrofit shaft...check it out! Also hot in the KZ Maraging steel drivers and fairway woods, Golfsmith Snake Eyes Elasteel, Snake Eyes Maraging Steel, and Biam BetaTi drivers. Email us for help in choosing the correct flex.

Please email me if you have questions, reference the shaft you're interested in and the club you're going to reshaft.

Mizuno T-Zoid Pro forged/MP-14/MP-29
Mizuno Grad
Macgregor Jack Nicklaus Personal JNP
Hogan Apex/EdgePing
Tommy Armour 845's etc.
Palm Springs Forged Blades
Snake Eyes MB1 forged
Snake Eyes Wedges (pre-Golfsmith)
Callaway Golf S2H2 irons

Here's a do-it-yourself work around to fit standard .335 tip wood shafts on special tip size OEM clubs (Orlimar, Hawkeye, etc.) Thanks to Tom Flanagan for the tip!

You can make a "spring shim" by winding small gauge copper wire around the
tip. Make sure you sand off the clearcoat found on a lot of bare wire. The
wire can be stranded or solid. Either works. Hosel adapters work O.K. but
don't always fit. You have to sand them down. A pain in the butt if you
don't have a belt sander. You can also use monofiliament fish line wrapped
around the tip, too. There are many different sizes available or you can
double wrap thinner line. And, make a shim with fiberglass window screen.
Put plenty of epoxy on the tip, wrap the screen (after dry fitting) firmly
around the tip, put more epoxy into the screen - force it in, and "screw"
the tip into the hosel. Drywall mesh works as well. Don't forget the
ferrule. You may have to use an iron ferrule to match the O.D. of the hosel.
You can fill the top of the ferrule with a flanged "o ring" and wipe with
acetone to blend in the seam.

Never had any of these methods fail. I did a Taylor Made Firesole driver, 3
and 5 wood with the window screen method last week. Piece a cake.




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