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Introducing the newly redesigned Retro 28 OEM Retrofit Series graphite golf shafts from Carbon Dynamics.

The Retro 28 graphite golf shaft was developed after listening to feedback from custom clubmakers, chat rooms and discussion groups on the internet, and golfers around the world. We heard, loud and clear, that a consistent, high performance graphite shaft was needed to replace the inferior graphite shafts that OEM clubmakers install on their drivers and fairway woods. Why pay $400, or more, for a state-of-the-art driver powered by a $10 shaft designed for high handicap golfers?

We commissioned a new shaft company to design and build what we consider to be the best graphite shaft available at any price. It was designed with the low handicap, serious golfer in mind and made especially as a high performance retrofit for the Titleist 975D and other high end drivers and fairway woods. The Retro graphite shaft features low torque and high bend point specifications that skilled players demand for better dispersion and control. We included a 28 inch .600 parallel grip section for improved distance, feel and control. After the 28 inch parallel grip section, the Retro 28 then has a 14 inch tapered shaft geometry to enhance distance and then finally a special 5" parallel tip design for added "kick". The 28 inch parallel grip offers a uniform grip feel in both hands. Even pressure in the hands and grip assures identical performance and hand action.

In the spirit of custom, high performance automobiles, the Retro 28 has new beautiful paint treatment, a very expensive translucent paint that "flops" (or changes colors) when the sunlight strikes the paint at various angles. The color main color is a blackberry red that flops to a shade of metallic gold. It's a very subtle change (you won't notice it in the middle of your swing) and is beautiful with black, dark blue, or grey heads.

The Retro 28 wood shaft are designed with "Continuous Flex Technology", beginning right below the grip and continuing all the way down the shaft. This Continuous Flex Technology allows a more consistent unleashing of power as your swing moves through the impact zone, providing a true and continuous energy load throughout the shaft, resulting in higher club head speed, and assuring optimum boring trajectory. When you bend the shaft, you will notice a consistent bow from the butt to the tip. The feel of the shaft is impossible to explain, you just have to swing it to experience it.'ll love the feel of the tremendous loading and unloading that this new design offers.

The Retro features a unique shaft production technology. The process for manufacturing the Retro graphite golf shaft involves precision machined female molds and internally expanded mandrels. Because the outside geometry of the shaft is perfectly controlled by the molds, the shaft does not need to be ground to a round shape following the cure cycle, as is required by other standard processes. This manufacturing breakthrough eliminates the first two major flaws in the current shaft production: varying wall thickness and the cutting of the precious graphite fibers. This shaft manufacturing process addresses another major flaw in the current method by using 180 psi of molding pressure during the cure cycle. Pressures of this magnitude are required to generate optimum physical properties in composite golf shafts. The shaft is then cryogenically treated to -319 deg. F.

Through the use of this manufacturing method for graphite shafts -- which has been a proven commodity in the aerospace industry for more than twenty years -- we are able to control tolerances in straightness, weight, flex, torque and overall performance which, to date, has not been approached in the golf industry. The company can produce a consistently "reproducible' graphite golf shaft because every single shaft is checked for weight, flex and torque, and because we use this proven manufacturing process. This is of tremendous benefit to the custom clubmaker, the PGA Tour player and especially the low to mid handicap golfer. The consistency and precision of each shaft eliminates the guesswork in achieving ultimate performance for the player.


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