So, I've been playing the Retro in my 975D driver for a few weeks, and I'm impressed. So impressed, I need another one for my fairway wood. I put a 248 cpm (right on the button, thanks) in the driver, it's 252 at 44" and D6. The FW is a 976F (I think it's a blind bore but I haven't had it apart yet), I want it 1/2" shorter, same swingweight and 4 cpm stiffer than the driver. What raw frequency will get me there and do you still have them in the same burgundy/gold color? Thanks for your help, your reccommendation last time was right on. I'm comfortable swinging smoothly or really going after it with this shaft, and boy, does it want to go straight!

Thanks. Morgan.


I am really delighted with the retro 265 cpm shaft and I can tell you at least one other person over here likes it too. A friend of mine hit it a few times and could not believe the feel and the feedback at impact. He asked me where I found this shaft. I gave him your email and the address to the retro webpage. I know he will be as delighted as I was with your wonderful service and on target advice.

Best Regards


.....I hit the club better than I ever have. I am adding 30 yds to some of my drives, and more by 15 average on all drives. Very straight. Sent you a customer today-Emmett Johnson

I recently placed a retro 250 cpm 45 inch shaft on a steelhead 8 degree driver, and the results were spectacular! The accuracy and distance improvement was amazing. My golf friends are amazed at the tight shot dispersion and distance, as well as the beauty of the retro shaft. One of the new shafts is for me and another for a retro convert. We have the same clubhead, he has a Grafalloy prolite on it, and we both felt there was no comparison, the retro feels much more solid, and provided much tighter shot dispersion, and distance. I have consistantly been hitting that club 275-290 yards, some rounds not missing a fairway. I ordered the 255 cpm to try a slightly stiffer shaft-same length.
Lastly, the 267cpm 43 incher you sent me is on a steelhead plus 4 wood, and is an absolute rocket. It won't be long and I'll be reshafting for several freinds!!
Thanks for such a great shaft, I can't believe how much difference it works

Scott Hiltunen

Just a quick note to let you know that the Retro Shaft is the most solid shaft going right now. I have been playing golf for 27 years and building clubs for 11 and have never enjoyed golf more. I put the Retro254 cpm on a Cermet Tour at 45 inches a couple of weeks ago and my distance and accuracy improved dramatically. I know that if I make a decent pass atthe ball I will not be punished with a wayward shot like you are with most shafts on the market now. This is the most exiciting innovation to comealong in golf in a long long time and it's great that us little guys arecrushing the big companies in the far and sure driving categories..thanks again Art

I put the 247 cpm into the Energy head for my son. I have an Energy 9deg with another shaftwhich my son really likes, so because of your comments I tried the Retro. He absolutly loves it. The other shaft has a tendancy to give a little bit of a harsh feeling if not hit Dead Solid Perfect and he didn,t like that. But with the Retro the club feels absolutly solid every time. With the the other shaft setup I average 280 to 310 and out drove my son by 20 to 30 yards, but with the Retro my son averages around 300 and has out drove me several times by 30 to 40 yards. It truly is disgusting. But he loves it. I heard from the person I put the Retro 246 cpm 975tip in his Titelist 975D. He said that at 1st he hit long but a slight fade but after working with the Pro it straightened out. He hits it longer than he ever has and absolutly loves the shaft. This was the 7 shaft he has tried in the club head. In fact he was so sold on the shaft he bought the extra shaft I had ordered.The year is coming to a close But if anybody wants a new driver or reshaft one I plan on going with the Retro(if they let me). Great shaft!!! Skip Ross

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Re: Retro Shaft/KZ Maraging Driver
Just a quick note to say the driver arrived Friday. It is beautiful. I have much more control of my drives with it. It seems that I have also gained 20-30 yards, but my swing is really not smooth right now. Haven't played much. I'm working on slowing it down, the way it should be. Will let you know more later. Have a great day! wally. <wbost@wcc.net>

here's more from Wally...

I am falling in love with the Maraging steel driver with the Retro shaft. You put exactly the right shaft in it for me. Could you please mail me the characteristics of the shaft? I now miss no more than two or three fairways a round (all because of horrible Wally-quickened swings). Even my wife is impressed. Have gained between 20 and 30 yards also. And I am using up my remaining Titleist Professional balls! Not known for their distance. On Tuesday I hit the fairway just right (one side sloops downward), and was 103 yds. to the green instead of my usual 150. What an easy hole! It is so much fun to swing this new driver. I may start sleeping with it.

Have a good 'un. wally.

Re: Second Generation Retro:

This shaft is amazing. You can feel it load up at the top giving you a good sense of tempo. The shaft keeps the club-head in sync with your hands, something the Titleist stock shaft could never do. The shaft just snapped into the ball right with the release of my hands, everytime. It's feels good to finally find a shaft that's on my side.
Thanks, Rick. reyntech@erols.com

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Now, before I get into performance results lets talk a little about the shafts themselves:

(1) (mine)- required very little tip trimming (ed. note...no tip trimming, butt to length) to achieve a stiffness of 253cpm at 44". Torque was 3.0degrees @ 44" and "runout" was extremely low - 3cpm (thru 360degrees) Spine was almost negligible. (2) (Roy "s)- 1" tip trim to achieve 257cpm at 45". Torque was 3.5degrees @ 45", and runout was also 3cpm. Spine - negligible.In my opinion the shafts were everything that you said they would be including appearance.When we went to the range to hit balls I hit mine very well. The trajectory was a little high but I felt that I could live with it. The ball flight was very straight (for me a normal characteristic) And distance was about the same as the Titanium Cobra that I'm presently using.Roy, on the other hand, didn't hit it well at all. The trajectory was far too low and he had a tendency to close over it duck hooking to the left. The 9degree face was too much for him as he has a tendency to closedown the face at impact. We then switched clubs and Roy regained his normal trajectory and I surprisingly hit the 9degree face pretty well. With this information I swapped heads but retained shafts for individual swing speeds. This is where we are today. We're both playing with these drivers and like their feel a whole lot. Roy's not totally convinced yet but I think that I have a winner. I'll try to keep you posted on new discoveries/information.

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RE: Retro/KZ Driver

Hit more balls the other day and noticed i got 10-15 yards more carry with
the new club. Played today at one of the newer courses in hawaii called coral creek.
drove the green on a 309 yd par 4 (strong down wind hole-20 mph). Did not
get into any trouble off the tee. Super club so far. Very straight, very forgiving, excellent.

Thanks again


Re: Retro Reshaft

Took the finished club out today and it was as the old scots used tosay "far and sure".
I have been building clubs now for 10 years and golfing for about 30 and had resigned myself to the fact that my current
driver was about the best that I could do. Today changed all that because your shaft had me hitting it longer and straighter and the most important thing was the confidence it instilled because I knew if I made a good swing I would not be punished by a wayward shot, like you are at times with these current shafts on the market. As soon as I get through christmas I will be looking at reshafting my 3 wood and irons, I would reshaft my 4 and 7 woods but they have graphite heads and it would be too chancey trying to get the shafts out of them.The guys I was golfing with were very impressed and who knows I may be ordering them shafts before long. Thanks alot for your recommendation on
the Retro.... Art

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