I haven't read a lot recently about Sensicore shafts. There has been some talk of home made shaft "softening" by using of foam gap fillers, but virtually no mention of what a "Sensicore" insert really is. Well, I just reshafted an 8 iron for a guy. The club "slipped" out of his hands, forty yards down the fairway, against a tree. The shaft snapped in two just below the grip. I guess they don't make them like they used to, when they "slip" that far. 
I pulled the Sensicore unit out of the broken shaft. For you folks who haven't seen one, here's what it is: If you go to McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, Dairy Queen, etc. Pick up one of their plastic drink straws. Go to your local hardware store. Get some of the cheapest, smallest, foam window weather stripping. Spiral it around the straw. Shove the wrapped straw into the butt end of a golf club shaft to at least 3" below the start of the butt. Voila! you have just made a Sensicore shaft.

T Flan

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