Do it yourself shaft puller

By Tom Flanagan

I've been messing around with another "homemade"graphite shaft puller. Some of you may recall one I described a couple of months ago that was based on the Golfworks design.

This one is really easy to make. You'll need a drill press vise with removable jaw plates, pieces of aluminum flat stock, about 1/2" thick, as wide as the jaws, a drill motor and bits, 1/4-20 taps, flathead 1/4-20 screws, files, hack saw, and a little time.

Make a "T" of two pieces of aluminum stock by drilling, tapping, and countersinking. Make thewidth the same as the jaw width, or thereabouts. Drill matching holes through the vertical part of the "T" to match the holes in the fixed jaws and countersink. Drill 2 holes vertically at someconvenient distance apart (depends on the size of the jaw) into the top of the "T" and tap 10-24. Match the vertical holes and drill through the flat part of the "crosspiece" of the "T", countersink and attach to the vertical piece. Next, make a matching cross piece, drill through, and tap only the bottom, or "bed" of the horizontal part of the "T". Attach the top and bottom pieces to form a "clamp," carefully find center, and drill through horizontally with a 21/64" bit. This will make a groove through the two pieces to serve as a shaft clamp. I made the crosspieces 1 1/2" x 31/2". It was a convenient dimension, no more than that.

Next, take a piece of 3/8 or 1/2" stock and drill it to match the movable jaw. Near the top, drill out a 3/8" hole and saw and file a "U" shaped slot. This is the "cradle" against which the hosel will rest. Take another piece of flat stock and do the same. This piece goes over the top of the shaft next to the slotted cradle in the jaw. Make two;l one 21/64" for woods, and another 3/8" for irons.

To use, place the shaft into the groove of the "T", place the top plate over the shaft (protect the shaft finish with brown wrapping paper, or whatever) and clamp down with the screws. I used Allen screws but I suppose anything will work as long as you can get enough torque on the screw. The hosel goes into and against the "U" groove, and the matching loose piece goes over the top. Turn the vise screw out to apply tension to the hosel, heat the hosel with the fire of your choice for a few seconds, and turn the vise screw out to pull the head.

It works like a charm and cost about $29.00. I bought the vise from a local cheapo tool shack and found the aluminum scraps at a local metal yard. It may sound complicated but once you start itsreally easy.

Tom Flanagan


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