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The same technology used to manufacture graphite tubes for the Galileo Spacecraft is now used to make HP/M graphite golf shafts. In fact, HP/M technology has been used to make critical composite tubes for virtually every spacecraft launched in the U.S since the mid 1970's.

HP/M golf shafts are individually created to provide the golfer with consistently superior playing performance and a distinct competitive advantage. Throughout 1997, the HP/M graphite shaft gained a very substantial presence on the PGA, Senior PGA and NIKE Tours with upwards of 70 players either having the shaft "in play" or in a testing mode, as documented by the Darrell Survey, who makes it their business to monitor such things. Best of all, these players have chosen to play the shaft on itsmerit vs. a compensation arrangement, which we believe is the ultimate compliment ot the product's performance in this world of huge endorsement contracts. In 1997, HP/M Shafts have contributed to attain 23 top ten finishes on the regular PGA Tour, including a "WIN". In addition, the HP/M shaft has been the chosen variety of a multitude of National Long Drive competitors, as our diverse product line and unique shaft design provide the perfect compliment to either high swing speeds or the more methodical golf swing.

The company's partnership group is made up of aerospace engineers, scientific researchers and golf industry experts and professionals who have combined aerospace design and manufacturing technology with meticluous craftsmanship to create the innovative and superior graphite golf shaft. As a result of five years of development and through the use of their vast technical resources, we have developed the revolutionary HP/M (High Pressure-Molded) process, which produces a graphite shaft that is not only more consistent than any other graphite shaft available, but product tests to be more accurate than steel shafts.

Every single shaft we produce is checked for weight, flex and torque, coupled with this new manufacturing process, the company can produce a perfectly "reproducible' graphite golf shaft.

Players love the consistency of the product, improved dispersion, the high bend point, the flatter ball flight. If a player needs a perfect duplicate of his driver, we can make it in 10 minutes."

The do not use eitheir boron or steel fibers to strengthen their graphite. "We use a Hy-Bor material which doesn't distort performance as much," says Lawrence. "It's more of a fiberglass fiber. Since we've gone to it we've had virtually no breakage." What further sets them apart, says Lawrence, is that their shafts have a more pronounced taper and fewer parallel sections. "This optimizes transfer of energy. It allows us to build a higher bend point for all levels of players, from slow swingers to fast."