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HP/M Technology

The process for manufacturing the HP/M graphite golf shaft involves precision machined female molds and internally expanded mandrels. Because the outside geometry of the shaft is perfectly controlled by the molds,the shaft does not need to be ground to a round shape following the cure cycle, as other normal process requires. This manufacturing breakthrough eliminates the first two major flaws in the current shaft production method of varying wall thickness and cutting of the precious graphite fibers. The HP/M shaft manufacturing process addresses the other major flaw in the current method by using 180 psi of molding pressure during the cure cycle. Pressures of this magnitude are required to generate optimum physical properties in composite golf shafts.

Through the use of this manufacturing method for graphite shafts, which has been a proven commodity in the aerospace industry for more than twenty years, we are able to achieve tolerances in straightness, weight, flex, torque and overall performance which to date have been totally unapproachable with the standard method. Considering the fact that every single shaft we produce is checked for weight, flex and torque, coupled with this new manufacturing process, the company can produce a perfectly "reproducible' graphite golf shaft. Obviously a tremendous benefit and advantage to the OEM manufacturer, the custom clubmaker, the PGA Tour player and especially the everyday player, as the guesswork on what each needs for ultimate performance can be eliminated.

During the manufacturing process of the HP/M graphite shaft, we utilize up to fifteen plys of the finest materials strategically applied to each shaft, which is up to three times as many as other manufacturers are using in their lay-ups. This proprietary method allows us to attain a more accurate and consistent tolerance of flex and torque from tip to butt in each shaft. Every shaft manufactured by the HP/M technology is measured after the cure cycle for weight, torque and flex and carries a label on the butt end with this specific information. this somewhat timely procedure further insures a consistent, quality product while providing a great assist to the club builder and end user.