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Reshaft Chart

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The HP/M Standard is recommended for low handicap players. This low torque (2.2-2.8), heavier weight (88-94 g) shaft is perfect for players with a swingspeed of 100 mph + looking for a shaft that will give them the ability to work the ball and get a nice boring trajectory. The shaft is a beautiful British Racing Green color is is priced at $88.00 plus $8.95 shipping to the continental US.

The HP/M Lite is for for strong mid handicap golfers. The Lite model has a torque of 3.1-3.7, and is 72-78 grams. The Lite is recommended for swingspeeds of 90-100 mph and will give the same boring trajectory as the Standard model with more forgiving specifications. The shaft is a beautiful Fire Red Pearl and is priced at $98.00 plus $8.95 shipping to the continental US

The HP/M manufacturing process (high pressure molding) assures a "reproducible" shaft and the HP/M shaft is the most consistent, high performance shaft available to golfers.

We've developed a chart below to match your swing with the proper cpm that will simplify the process of choosing the perfect shaft for your game. You'll receive a shaft tagged with the weight, torque and cpm. If you decide to reshaft your other woods, simply refer to these specifications and make cpm adjustments for weight and length. You may find that these shafts play stiffer than you are accustomed to so please order the correct flex accordingly.

Example, 45 inch Driver. If you have a slow to medium tempo and with a swingspeed of around 95 mph, hit most of your drives 230 yards, go with the softer flex at 244 CPM. This will play like a R to R+ flex.The same swingspeed (95MPH) with a fast tempo, 240-250 yard drives, go with a stiffer flex at 248 CPM. This will play like a R+ to S-.

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KZG Maraging Steel
Golfsmith Snake Eyes Maraging Steel and
Snake Eyes Elastisteel Shaft Blank Chart
Head Weight 198 Grams
Slow to Medium Tempo Swing.
Fast Tempo, please add 4 cpm.
  44" 44.5" 45" 45.5" 46"

90 MPH
242 241 240 239 238
95 MPH  246 245 244 243 242

250  249 248  247 246 
105 MPH 254 253 252 251 250

110 MPH
258 257 256 255 254
262 261 260 259 258

 Clubhead Speed 50-70 mph 70-80 MPH 80-90 MPH 90-100 MPH 100-110 MPH 110+
Distance Average 120-160 160-195 195-230 230-250 250-265 265-280+
Swing Tempo Slow||Avg Slow||Avg Avg||Fast Avg||Fast Avg||Fast Avg||Fast
Flex L Ladies  A Senior R Regular S Stiff Stiff Plus X Stiff 


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