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Okay, here's the story ...
Got the club today. (thanks for the head cover, btw)
Went to the range that allows me to see the ball beyond 275 yards (ya never know).

Well, low-and-behold, off come the most incredible drives ever. There was a fence at 275. I was single bouncing into the fence (no tail wind). The stiffness matched my swing perfectly. The high kick-point kept the ball at the right trajectory and in control.

Thanks for the recommendation to use the HP/M. It's perfect.

Hi, John.
A short while ago you helped me to choose a shaft to reshaft my Titleist
975D driver. We went with the Composite Dynamics HP/M shaft. I finally
got it back from my guy and used it for the first time on Saturday at
the range. It feels fantastic. The stiffness is right on for me and I
am getting exactly the kind of ball flight that I was looking for. So
this is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with how this
turned out. This is really going to help my game and I am telling
anyone who will listen about your site and this shaft.

Thanks for helping me out.



Today I played in a Chamber of Commerce scramble with the new driver. For the first time out it was great. The temp was 75 degrees and I hit several drivers that carried 270 yards. They landed in the 6" rough with no roll. The ones that landed in the fairway got some roll. It is going to take some practice; however, I think it will be great. Flex and overall weight seem fine. (Zeider head with CDI UL shaft).

I received the H/PM shaft and have installed it in the 4+ warbird and it is the best combination I have tried so far. Would the shaft work well in an intamidator 300 driver and 5 wood? Thank you for your help.
Jim Linldey

I thought you might enjoy this story. I am a former PGA Professional and
today, still do my own club fitting, repair etc. I recently was in my local
high end retail golf store. I was in the market for a new driver and had
narrowed it down to a Great BB. Of course
I would have replaced the shaft, if not immediately, relatively soon. I have
been a Harrison shaft user for years.

As I was looking though the bins of demos and used equipment which, I normally>do if I'm buying pro-line merchandise. A BBB is sticking out with this unusual
shaft in it. Now, I was not in the market for a BBB. However, I said to myself
"take it to the range anyway". I've never heard of this shaft company
"Composites Dynamics", (yea OK!!) but you never know. Besides the head was
brand spanking new and it was priced at $189. Frankly a deal with Callaway's
shaft (again a shaft that would get yanked the minute I thought I had enough
time between rounds to let the epoxy cure)

Now we all know, (don't we?) the shaft is the heart of any golf equipment,
particularly so at 70 - 130mph. I have never in my life, hit a shaft so sweet.
Also much to my surprise when looking up the retail on it, (worth every single
penny and more, I might add) I of course outright ripped off the shop whom
sold it to me. I would have paid $400 for this used BBB despite I knew nothing
about the shaft company. IT FELT JUST THAT PURE!!

So here is a tip to those who want a deal and good equipment. Take your
existing driver head, or go find a used model of the one you want to buy. Go
to your local custom club fitter or a PGA Professional whom is a custom club
fitter (NOT ALL ARE!!!) One that has a swing speed analyzer. Get your MPH
write it down and order a shaft to with the right flex from this company. If
your sure about your head selection. Buy two shafts. You will go nuts if you
are stuck without it for more than a day I assure you. Finnally, you will end
up with a far superior product than "off the rack" at a reasonable price.

Even better yet, Get that local custom club fitter to start carrying them. I
know there expensive but take it from someone who knows or at least thought he
knew about golf shafts. These guys have something here!!!!! I wish this
company all the luck in the world, it is a competitive crap shoot out there.
This company is producing quality, sweet sweet quality. My only critisism,
is the lack of Model / Flex branding. (It may me marked under the grip)

For those of you whom are interested, this was a Midnight Pearl (I think Tour
Version) 45 Inches to sole, 6.8 Frequency, (approaching X flex ) I have no
idea if tipped. I will be ordering a spare.

Hey Harrison, the rest of you I won't name, yes including YOU!!!!
Manufacturers......... THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!!

Hi, John.
Thanks for all of your help. Online technical support for golf clubs is a
great thing. When you try to ask the various club companys' tech poeple how
to go about changing their clubs to meet your own specs they just stonewall
you. Or tell you to buy one of their other clubs! This has been a pleasant
surprise. Can't wait to get this put together!
Thanks again,

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