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Cochran & Stobbs, "Search for the Perfect Swing".
The best beginner's book around, bar none. It covers the basic physics of the swing, clubs, and balls. Old (therefore it doesn't have the latest high-tech materials). I consider that a plus; it focuses on the basic principles, rather than hyping the technology.

Summitt & Wishon, "The Modern Guide to Shaft Fitting".
A truly remarkable book, detailing the astonishingly complete research by this pair (both then at Dynacraft), in trying to come up with a single index for matching shafts to golfers. Unfortunately out of print, but Jeff Summitt says he's working on an updated edition.

Jorgensen, "The Physics of Golf".
If you remember enough college physics and math, this book is great. If not, you will find it tedious and probably dense. A retired professor emeritus of physics tries to characterize the golf swing and ball flight mathematically. This includes some interesting measured and theoretical treatment of heft (sorta' swingweight) and flex.

Wishon, "Golfsmith Practical Clubfitting Program".
A good text for clubfitting, but more a "how to" than a "why". My preference is the books above, but this one rounds out the collection.

(Thanks to Dave Tutelman for the above list. Click here for Dave T's articles on clubmaking).

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Here's a great list from D. B. Miko
Mac Shack Golf

The Search for the Perfect Swing
Cochran, A. and Stobbs, J.,
The Golf Society of Great Britain, 1968
ISBN 0-936421-00-2


The World Scientific Congress of Golf gets together every 4 years.
Scientists and engineers from the field of golf, AND academia get
together and talk GOLF. These are the papers that have been presented.

Science and Golf
Proceedings of the First World Scientific Congress of Golf
Cochran, A., Editor
Chapman and Hall, 1990
ISBN 0-419-15130-3

Science and Golf II
Proceedings of the 2nd World Scientific Congress of Golf
Cochran, A., and Farrally, M. R., Editors
Chapman and Hall, 1994
ISBN 0-419-18790-1

Science and Golf III
Proceedings of the 3nd World Scientific Congress of Golf
Cochran, A., and Farrally, M. R., Editors
Human Kinetics, 1998

see also

Another collection of papers on golf...

Golf the Scientific Way
Cochran, A., Editor
Aston Publishing Group, 1995
ISBN 0-9519830-3-2


A couple of books written by scientists,
(academics, not in the golf business!).

The Science of the Golf Swing
Williams D.
Pelham Books Ltd. 1990

The Physics of Golf
Jorgensen, T. P.
American Institute of Physics, 1994
ISBN 0-88318-955-0

The Dynacraft book on the DSFI, (Dynacraft Shaft Fitting Index):

The Modern Guide to Shaft Fitting
Wishon, Tom
Dynacraft Golf Products, 1992
ISBN 0-9619413-4-0

AND if you're a real glutten for punishment;

The Golfing Machine
Kelly, Homer
Star System Press, 1969
ISBN 0-932890-05-9

I just realized that I left out Ralph Maltby's Book;

Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration & Repair
Maltby, Ralph
Ralph Maltby Enterprises, 1995
ISBN 0-927956-05-5


A few points to ponder ...

Most of the academic, (non-golf professionals), tend to base their
conclusion on "models" of the golf swing, while most golf
professionals/people in the business, (even the scientists), tend
to start with the traditional, and use modern science to 'justify'
what's going on...

Science by golf professionals, (i.e. people in the business), tends
to be 'sponsered' by manufacturers, hence, a lot of the science is
kept internal -- WE DON'T SEE IT!

Keep this in mind as you try to sort out 'science' from "marketing"
with respect to the'bubble-shaft'; club-face inserts; ball covers;
titanium; clubhead size; shaft flex; etc.

Happy Reading!

DB Miko

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