Cleaning out hosels after removing shafts
Thanks to Bernie Baymiller for this tip:

I clean my hosels right after I pull the head (while it'sstill warm and I have my gloves on) with a piece of scotchbrite kitchen pad. I use my cordless drill with a 1/4" tap (or drill bit will work), cut a piece of scotchbrite about 1" x 1/2", stuff the center of it in the hosel with the ends sticking out, put the tap in between the ends and run it up and down in the hosel. Cleans and polishes in about 4 seconds. If there's any solid epoxy left in the bottom of the hosel, just drill it out with a small drill bit...I used to use a 1/8" bit and work it around (I have a Dremel tool now).



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