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Is that the really short practice club? If it is, here's how I built one similar to it (although I didn't know the Momentus existed at the time)...
I had an old TT Dynamic wood shaft lying around. I had an old 5 iron head lying around (A GS Tour Model II, just like the picture, how ironic!). I decided to make a short club for practicing swings indoors without needing a new tub of Spackle for the ceiling every time.

Here's the key to the whole thing: get one of those shaft tip gauges. I have the GS all-in-one dealy. This is why you want the wood shaft instead of an iron shaft. The wood shaft is narrower at the tip and then tapers out to wider sizes. Take the gauge and slide it up the shaft (using the .370" hole) until you find the step that fits it perfectly. This is also why you don't want to use a stepless shaft like a Balistik. The Dynamic has nice big, consistent steps. Saw off the shaft so that the step that's about .370" is now the shaft tip. Here's another hint: use a club head that doesn't need a ferrule, like the Tour Model II. Glue the head on. Butt trim the shaft until it's as short as you like it.

You'll notice that when you trim it down to about a foot or so, the butt is rather small, so you'll need tons of build-up tape to put it back to .580". And here's yet another hint: Use a .580 grip instead of a .600. Just needs less buildup tape. As you may have read on this mailing list, you could try filling the shaft with sand to bring it closer to a normal weight. Or you could take lead tape and wrap it around the hosel of the clubhead. Whatever works for you.

All in all, not a bad toy for practicing your grip while watching TV. And also a great thing to have while watching Golf Channel Academy and following along with David Leadbetter.

Total cost: 15 or 20 bucks. Whee. Get the all-in-one GS gauge. It helps for the tip size and you'll know when you've put enough buildup tape on the butt.

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