PCS Expo
March 4-7, 1999
Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the PCS!

An Overview

The Professional CLUBMAKERS' Society is a non-profit, international, independent association headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. As an independent association, the PCS offers a unique and unbiased structure from which its members may learn about the latest in technology.

Founded in 1989, the PCS is owned and governed by its members for its members and is the only independent certifying body for golf club fitting, clubmaking and club repair.

PCS members gain valuable knowledge from the bi-monthly PCS Journal, which contains clubmaking tips, marketing suggestions, member exchanges, research reports and a special pull out section containing articles and information about the latest in component equipment and supplies.

Each year the PCS sponsors the International Symposium and Expo which features seminars, approved by the PGA and LPGA, on various clubmaking topics, a hitting area for hands on testing of equipment, and workshops which include hands on demonstrations in the areas of club fitting, clubmaking and club repair. Virtually the entire component industry gathers under one roof to exhibit products providing the perfect environment for acquiring detailed information on all facets of the clubmaking industry.

Perhaps the most valuable service offered by the PCS is its Certification Program which indicates that the clubmaker has met the highest standard of academic proficiency, applied technology and excellence in craftsmanship in the areas of clubmaking, club fitting and club repair.

The PCS recognizes the diversity of clubmakers and the varying stages of their professional development. Whether you are a clubmaker with advanced skills or are just starting out, there is a place for you with the Professional CLUBMAKERS' Society.

For more information, contact the PCS at 1-800-548-6094 or email pcs@proclubmakers.org

Membership Levels/Benefits

PCS Affiliate - for those clubmakers not interested in certifying but desiring to stay current on the clubmaking industry and its new technology through subscription to the PCS Journal and PCS Insider. Annual dues - $130.0

PCS Member - for those clubmakers desiring to become a PCS Certified "Classs A" Clubmaker. Annual Dues - $220

Certified "Class A" Clubmaker - this represents the first level of certification. After passing both a written and skills exam, the clubmaker may choose to proceed with the certification process.Certified "Class A" Clubmakers enter into the referral program immediately upon certification and receive additional benefits and discounts through the PCS. Annual dues - $220.00

Certified "Class A" Club Fitter Certified "Class A" Club Repairer - all Certified "Class A" Clubmakers have the option to attain certification in these specialized areas through written and skills exams.Annual dues - $220.00

Certified "Class A" Club Repairer-Annual dues $220

Professional "Class A" Clubmaker - this special designation is given to any PCS Member who has achieved all three levels of "Class A" certification. No additional testing is required to achieve this level. Annual dues - $220.00

Life Member - for the clubmaker no longer active in the clubmaking business but stiill wishing to stay active with the PCS and up to date on the industry. Annual dues - $65.00

Junior Member-Annual dues: $110

Honorary Member - a special designation given to those individuals inducted into the PCS Hall of Fame or by special vote of the PCS Board of Directors. Annual dues - none


Benefits of Membership

Depending on your level of membership, there are numerous benefits available as a PCS Member.

Subscription to the PCS Journal and PCS Insider

PCS Liability Insurance

Use of PCS Logo

Membership certificate and card

Annual Renewal Gift

Free or Discounted admission to PCS Expo Exhibit Floor

Voting Privileges

May serve on PCS Board of Directors

May serve on any PCS Committee

Eligible for special privileges and benefits of programs developed by PCS

Annual PCS Membership Directory

Participation in PCS Discount Purchasing Program

Discount Package rates for PCS Expo (March 4-7, 1999 Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky)

Customer Referral program - 1-800-548-6094

Internet Referral program


Discounts on Schools

On staff Technical Director for assistance, guidance or information

For more information, contact the PCS at 1-800-548-6094 or email pcs@proclubmakers.org


Pricing Strategies-by Dana Upshaw PCS Class A Clubmaker

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