Grafalloy Booyah


The exclamation made following hitting the longest drive of your life and bombing it past your playing partners with Grafalloy's new lightweight golf shaft.

The ultra-superlite design of the Grafalloy BooYah will have you hitting it father than you’ve ever imagined. Incorporating the finest high modulus carbon fiber material available, BooYah’s low bend point, high trajectory design produces maximum launch angle and peak trajectory. The shaft’s unique bend profile delivers unrivaled energy transfer for ridiculous yardage.

Through extensive player research the Grafalloy design team has increased the cross sectional profile of the grip and mid sections of the shaft while softening the overall shaft flex compared to traditional designs. This results in significant improvements in both feel and energy transfer to the ball at impact while maintaining stability and torsional integrity. BooYah offers a unique feel unlike any shaft on the market today with incredible ball speed and launch properties.
Specs: R/S/X flex, .335 tip diameter, .600 butt diameter, 46" length, 4.0 torque, weight 45/48/50, ball flight high.

$69.00 each, shipping $9.95, international shipping $40. Please order below:


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