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AJ Tech--The Master of Micro!

AJ's unique, innovative ultralight low torque designs have been powering Tour players to victory for years and he is the first to develop super lightweight, low torque shafts using ultra premium materials. The 4000 series (4270, 4370, 4470) fits . 350 drivers such as Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, Tour Edge and more. The 4000XT series will fit .335 clubheads.

Model Color Type Flex Length Weight Tip OD Tip Par Butt Od Torque Kick Point
4000XT Candy Apple Red Wood R, F, S 47" 57g 335 taper 2.6 Mid
4000 Thermotron Candy Apple Red Wood R, F, S 47" 57g 345 taper 2.6 Mid/High

AJ Tech 4000XT (for .335 clubheads), $175 plus $9.95 shipping US, $40 International. Please order below.


AJ Tech 4000 (for .350 clubheads), $175 plus $9.95 shipping US, $40 International. Please order below.


Fujikura Blur

The designers at Fujikura have crafted a super lightweight shaft taking full advantage of their proprietary VEXX carbon interweave. VEXX is the most innovative construction of ultra light and ultra thin carbon tapes woven together. Fujikura has once again pushed the boundaries to create VEXX, and it is one of the lightest and thinnest carbon weaves ever created.

The use of VEXX completely opened up the design space of lightweight shafts, resulting in optimal stiffness, enhanced feel, and greater distance without sacrificing control.

New Vexx carbon interweave technology places more carbon fibers in the direction of shaft loading for a stronger, stiffer and more responsive shaft and the Blur offers mid launch, mid spin and a mid bend point, unusual for a superlight shaft.

The first model is a 55 gram shaft with sub 50 gram, and 65g models following soon.

The Blur is the centerpiece of Fujikura's new lightweight platform.

According to Fujikura President and COO Dave Schnider "It's the lightest weave we've ever encountered by far," Schnider said. He added that the VEXX woven-fabric lends itself to a lighter weight but also has the feel, torque and stiffness properties associated with a heavier shaft.

Now Shipping:

Model: Blur 005. 55g, 4.0 torque. In R2 (soft R), R, Sflex.

MSRP $300, OUR PRICE $199 plus $35 installation fee. $9.95 shipping ($35 international). Email for further information to arrange installation.

Also available installed on a Taylormade R9 sleeve.
Introductory Special, Free R9 sleeve and R9 install labor.

Please order below.


Matrix Radix 4 and Radix 5 Series

With the RADIX HD, Matrix reinvents what a mid-priced golf shaft should be. Similar to the trickle down of technology in motor racing, the RADIX HD line has benefited from the application of the tour proven HD internal design. RADIX is Latin for “base” or “root.” The “base” for RADIX is the HD Design, giving RADIX HD the most advance internal structure technology in its class. Along with the HD internal platform, this design introduces a new approach to progressive Tip-to-Butt Ratio design.

Unlike conventional designs, which do not increase tip stiffness as butt stiffness is increased, the RADIX HD introduces a unique design that guarantees the same tip-to-butt stiffness ratio throughout the flexes. Since the ratio remains intact, ball flight is progressively flattened as the overall flex stiffens.

The “HD” Design refers to the hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the designs are built. HD allows for new levels of structural strength. With the stronger 16-cut butt section, Matrix engineers are able to better structure and strengthen the tip section without adding overall weight, and, at times, even lowering balance points to better match high MOI, low CG heads. The result is a stronger tip-strength-to-weight ratio than with any previous Matrix shafts.

The internal HD structure can be made more consistently uniform than a circular design, further reducing the need for specific orientation during installation.

In terms or performance, shafts with the “HD” label will produce flatter, more piercing Tour-type ball flights and a more stable, crisp feeling.

Matrix Radix HD 4 Specs-- 48g, 5.8 torque, in L, A, R and F flex.
$135 plus $9.95 shipping lower 48, $40 international. Please order below.


Matrix Radix HD 5 Specs--58g, 4.9 torque, in L, A, R and F flex.
$135 plus $9.95 shipping lower 48, $35 international. Please order below.


Graman Professional G-Series

New and improved series of shafts derived from the “Ultimate G Series” or the “Limey” shafts. By precisely matching swing balance and flex characteristics for each club, the G series shafts are designed for serious golfers looking for maximum stability and consistency. Designed for discerning golfers who want to achieve maximum club head speed for greater distance, accuracy and control, each shaft is manufactured using state of the art technology combined with the finest raw material and the highest strain graphite available in the world. Constructed with ultra high modules micro plies, all of these shafts come with certified CPM numbers on the butt for custom fitting to a new level of precision. These G series shafts are manufactured with extremely precise symmetry, and then additional innovative steps are taken to find the Optimum Flex Line for this series of shafts allowing for logo alignment to produce a perfectly matched set.


Model Color Type Flex Length Weight Tip OD Tip Par Butt Od Torque Kick Point
G-55 Liquid Silver Wood R 47" 55g 335 4" 600 3.0 Mid/Low
G-55 Liquid Silver Wood S 47" 57g 335 4" 600 3.0 Mid/Low

Graman G55 $87.95 plus $9.95 shipping. International Shipping $40.
Please order the Graman G55 Below

UST MicroLite

The MP5 Micro Ply Lite provides extreme power, excellent feel and total control to your game. Using advanced aerospace micro ply technology with 38 Micro-Ply layers for improved feel without sacrificing performance. The low torque to weight ratio - 52 grams at 3.7 degree torque delivers the punch needed for today's high-tech heads.

MP5 Microlite 59 Woods-L, A, R, S flex, Our Price $50.00-
Shipping $9.95 to lower 48, International $40

Please order MP5 MicroLite Below


Graphite Design YSQ 45 and YSQ 55
The Tour AD YSQ is specifically designed to maximize performance from today's high-MOI (moment of inertia) and 460cc driver heads. Like all Graphite Design shafts, the YSQ is built with the finest graphite composite materials available.

TourAD YSQ45. 48 grams, 6.8t, low kick point. Our Price $105 plus $9.95 shipping to lower 48, $40 international. Please order below.


TourAD YSQ55. 59 grams, 4.7t, mid kick point.
Our Price $105 plus $9.95 shipping to lower 48, $40 international. Please order below.



The exclamation made following hitting the longest drive of your life and bombing it past your playing partners.

The ultra-superlite design of BooYah will have you hitting it father than you’ve ever imagined. Incorporating the finest high modulus carbon fiber material available, BooYah’s low bend point, high trajectory design produces maximum launch angle and peak trajectory. The shaft’s unique bend profile delivers unrivaled energy transfer for ridiculous yardage.

Through extensive player research the Grafalloy design team has increased the cross sectional profile of the grip and mid sections of the shaft while softening the overall shaft flex compared to traditional designs. This results in significant improvements in both feel and energy transfer to the ball at impact while maintaining stability and torsional integrity. BooYah offers a unique feel unlike any shaft on the market today with incredible ball speed and launch properties.
Specs: R/S/X flex, .335 tip diameter, .600 butt diameter, 46" length, 4.0 torque, weight 45/48/50, ball flight high.


Also available: Mitsubishi Bassra, Mitsubishi Fubuki, Aldila RIP 50, Aldila NV55, UST ATTAS, Grafalloy Booyah. What for more information. Email for pricing.

The new lightweight graphite iron shafts offer all of the advantages that wood shafts offer in a stable design for control and distance in your irons.
Reshaft your irons for more distance, feel, and to help ease arthritic joints. Please note that most OEM irons require taper tip shafts and our lightweight models below are parallel tip only.

Matrix Studio 64 Irons

61 grams, 3.9 torque, high launch, soft tip, parallel tip only.
Suggested retail $55. Our Price $41 each. Shipping $9.95 US, $40 international. Some larger iron shaft orders (12+) may incur slightly higher shipping fees. Email with questions.

Please order Studio 64 Iron shafts below


UST M6 Lightweight Irons
The MP6 Irons a mid 60 gram iron shaft is the perfect compliment to your Micro Ply Lite wood shafts. Like the MP5, the MP6 Irons use advanced aerospace micro ply technology for improved feel without sacrificing performance.
L flex 54g, A flex 65g, R flex 68g, S flex 71g. Medium High launch. Our Price $19.99 each plus $9.95 shipping US, $40 international. Some larger iron shaft orders (12+) may incur slightly higher shipping fees. Email with questions
Please order UST M6 Lightweight Iron Shafts below:


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