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SK Fiber Superfly

Specifically designed to enhance your clubhead speed. The latest in SK FIBER’S celebrated line of 100% composite golf club shafts, the new Superfly is the ultimate realization of SK FIBER’S sophisticated approach to carbon golf club construction. The new lamination technology and materials used in the manufacture of the Superfly make it the lighest in our line (45-50 grams depending on flex) yet it’s lower torque and propritory layup process delivers exceptional control without sacrificing performance.
Specs: A/R/S flex, .335 tip diameter, .605 butt diameter, 47" length, 3.8-3.2 torque, weight 45 (A)/45 (R)/50 (S), high (A) to mid-low (S)

MSRP $69.99 each, our price $44.95 each. shipping $9.95, international shipping $40. Please order below:


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