Traverse Microlite Driver
Traverse Microlite Driver

Here's feedback I received on the Traverse Microlite Driver.


...By the way, the Traverse driver I ordered from you last spring, or was it last year? It was fantastic. I hit the ball farther and straighter than ever. Guys marvelled at the new-found driving expertise. I was told the Japanese symbols on the driver stands for Cherry Blossom. Is that true?
Bruce W

Traverse Hi-COR Driver

Well I finally have a Traverse Hi-COR review for the driver head I got from John.
I mated it up to Bernie's recommendation, a DTG FGS Ultralite 45 Wood (49 grams).
Installed a 1 gram and 5 gram weight to counteract my slice tendency. Head 12* loft.
I know 1 + 5 grams will not counteract a slice, but its what every salesman would say.
Grip is a discontinued 48 gram Lamkin Dual Density green 0.58 RND. 45 inch long.
Total weigth = 285 grams. C3.4 with grip on / D2.0 grip off. Club 5" frequency R-flex.

All I can say is WOW what a PERFORMER for MY game. Definitely likes to hit straight.
I hit very few slices with it but I did with other drivers. Didn't laser off any landing spots.
It's nice to be 2nd longest off the tee on occasion than to be dead last for 3 years.

I couldn't be more happy with its overall performance so thanks John and Bernie!
Traverse Hi-COR head feels very solid at impact and when I connect its real long.
At least real long for my swing. It will definitely be staying in the bag long term.
Thanks again to Bernie and John.
Harry S

Hi John,

I hope this message finds you doing well.  I just wanted to give you some feedback on the drive you made me about a month or so ago.  Finally started getting out to test drive the new driver.  Took a little while to get used to it, but I hit it an average of about 10 to 15 yards further. I love the setup, and the shaft gives me the higher ball flight that I was looking for.  Very pleased with the quality and workmanship too.

Let me know if you there are any fairway woods to match the driver....  may have to start looking at those babies next ....


Joe C

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Hi John,

You may not recall – you made me the following Driver – shipped to FL in January:
Traverse HiCor Microlite-182g
Graphite Design YSQ45-L flex
Chamois Grip
Length: 44.5

Thank You ! Thank You! We won’t have to tell Kristy to watch out, but my ladies league gals are certainly suitably impressed! I’m having such a fun time with this Driver – I’d say 80-90% of my Drives are fairway or fringe and 150 yards on average – unless my swing has gone south for the day! I haven’t touched the screws – why mess with a good thing? 

A golf friend – Carolyn Hall will likely contact you – to consult on a driver for herself. I copied you on my email to her with your coordinates.

Thanks again John... best regards, Shirley.

I recently made a new driver with the Traverse 10.5, 46 inches. This is some hot head, I have picked up 10 yards and it is fairly forgiving. Thanks, John and thanks as always to Bernie for suggesting the SK Fiber Lite Revolution shafts. This has made a great combo for me. I also bought the Integra 175 gram head but this didn't increase my distance any, used the same shaft and specs, maybe I will try a different combo and see if that makes a difference.

Walt wrote:
"John the new driver is great. It is still hard to tell how many yards gained, but I am pass the guys I play with and a few times 30 to 40 yds. I can draw it at will and hit it straight on a line. Fading it is not a problem. I have scored 81, 81, 82 and 87 with it. I am not as tired at the end of the round with this club. I wenrt from 352g to cureent 160g. Love it Thanks Walt."

medium trajectory but still high enough to get max distance. moved ball up in stance a bit....just seemed to carry 10-15 sometimes 20 yds further when i did everything right and made the correct swing. for whats it worth it also had that solid "thwack" sound that a driver makes when you really hit the sweet spot. Very good feel for a driver when contact made correctly.

im happy.

Bruce N

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Hallo John,

finally I played now  7 rounds with the Microlite Driver 12 degr. and
I like it very much, it is really a fantastic driver.
When you became in the badge with the 10 degr. Driver heads, can
you please put in the same shaft UST Mamyia extralite, same length 47"
and same grip. Thanks and best regards,

Ueli L

Hi John: Hope you are doing well. It is 68 degrees in Omaha today. I went to the driving range at 1 p.m.
to test the driver you sent me. It feels great and I am very comfortable with it. It is noisy at impact but it is
the longest driver I have had to date. I think you developed a good one for me this time.
Neal N

Hi John,
Here are the results from my tests on the New Traverse HiCor Microlite Driver. 47inches.
My former driver is a Callaway 460 weighting in at 314 Grams your driver same scale weighted in at 278 with gram screws
I have a Medicus Swing Speed Digital device I swing with my Callaway Driver 91 to 96 MPH with the New Driver 97 to 104 MPH
Nike states that for every one MPH you should gain 3 yards which sounds about right.
My longest drives with the Callaway were somewhere around 200/220 carry and roil. With the new driver I have had drives between 230 and 252 yards carry and roil.
The club is easy to hit but now with the new carry I have to include the old driver for the short par 3 drives or I am over the green.
All I could wish for is that I had added another inch to the length and the some how the driver could be lighter still.
Good Job
Dave E

Hi John,

I played yesterday for the first time with the Driver.
Absolutely amazing.
Easy to play. Totally straight and, at least 20 yards long.
Good Job.


Edson S

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I'll write another tomorrow. Went out and hit 20-25 balls on my "private range" just to make sure I am not hallucinating. OH BABY 
And it is easy to handle. Hit some nice high fades out to the road. 40 degrees and a breeze in my face. Say good by to the Ping K15 It is just plain fun to hit. Thanks. Nick

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