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UST Mamiya
The Top Selling Custom Upgrade Shafts
In America 4 years and Counting...
Clubmaker Online is proud to be a UST Mamiya Online Dealer. I have extensive experience with their entire line of premium golf shafts.

Send me an email to discuss the right UST Mamiya golf shaft for your game.

Likened to the precision of Lexus automobiles, all UST Mamiya carbon-fiber shafts are made using handcrafted, repeatable production techniques that incorporate world-class engineering and premium-selected raw materials. Tight tolerances, constant taper design and low-resin content combine to enhance feel during the golf swing. UST Mamiya shafts have remained the top-selling aftermarket option in the United States the past four years.

New! UST Mamiya VTS Shafts

UST Mamiya AXIVCore

UST Mamiya Microlite Series

UST Mamiya Proforce Rv2 Irons