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"Put some noise in your game"

Dear Customer:

I would like to welcome you to a new a different type of component company.
Steve Almo was formerly the Director of Sales and Marketing for
Integra Golf/Trophy Sports. During the five years he was with Integra, he noticed that the component buyer/club builder was getting more and more sophisticated in their buying habits. The main concern was the lack of high quality and unique components. You told him repeatedly that you do not mind paying a bit more money as long as the quality is there. With that knowledge in mind, Steve started BANG GOLF, Inc.

Using only the best foundries and finishing houses, all Bang Golf Titanium is CCL certified CP5 grade titanium, the finest grade used for golf clubs. All of their premium irons are 304 stainless steel-you can adjust the loft and lie up or down 4 deg with the comfort of no breakage. The Cryo-Plasma hard case finish is the finest in the industry. We feel that no other component company makes this type of quality throughout their component club line. I know you will agree.

The Bangomatic continues it's domination of the long drive scene... This was the number #1 used Driver at the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship this year! The only Drivers to beat The John Daly Pinnacle Challenge Professionals were the Bang-O-Matic and the Big Bang 450!

We're very excited to carry this excellent line of component heads. If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect clubhead, please email us and we'd be happy to help you choose the world's finest game improvement clubhead.

The full line of Bang components, new specifications and pricing page is here

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