Clubmaker's Choice
The best new components for 2001

AJ Tech Z Series Woods
Weighing only 48 grams, these super ultra lite shafts will increase both your clubhead speed and driving distance. Despite the very lite weight of these shafts, AJ Tech has maintained its characteristic "feel" and high performance that separates AJ Tech from the rest of the pack. The very low torque of 2.9 will give you greater accuracy and a more penetrating ball flight. In addition to the feel and high performance of these super ultra lite shafts, the Z series has been thoroughly OEM destruct tested for durability. Z 335 tip A, R, F, S, X flex Z 350 tip A, R, F, S, X flex/ $135. Order

The new Dominion 75 shaft from Apache was designed for skilled players who require a shaft to better control ball flight in the oversized and low CG heads of today. It provides a lower apex and crushing distance for players who demand an aggressive shaft in a mid lighweight package. The tip section of this shaft was designed to have maximum recovery through the impact zone for high swing speeds, strong amateurs and touring professionals. Truly a technologically advanced shaft, the Dominion 75 promises to raise the bar in the ultimate performance category. .335 tip, .605 butt. 2.4 torque, R, S or XX flex. High kickpoint, Midnight blue color. $55. Order #APDM75

Harrison Titanium Lite
The new Titanium Lite features a combination graphite and titanium shaft using Harrisons new "jointless" technology.
3.2 torque, mid flex, 72 grams $55. Order #HTILITE

Harrison Pro 2.5 Titanium Series
The Titanium Series, with its integrated titanium technology is a break through in shaft design. By strategically placing the proprietary titanium filament along the shaft, Harrison has created a design that reduces shaft "lag" , which robs golfers of distance. This unique design reduces hooks and slices while adding distance for golfers of all levels. Exciting new Lemon Yellow shaft color with a "window" that shows the titanium fibers. 2.5 Torque, 75 g, 46 inches. R.F.S X flexes. $70. Order

Harrison Trajectory Series
The new Trajectory Series offers golfers the ability to fine tune a golf ball's launch angle. Engineered to produce either a low or medium trajectory, this series can be used to produce a low and penetrating ball flight. It can also be used to generate longer distance without the use of a low lofted head that tends to produce poor ball contact.
Pro 2.5 Low Launch Xtra X-7200 Graphite. 1.8 Torque Extra High Flex point, 79 grams 50". $110 Order #HLLXtra
Pro 2.5 Low Launch X-200 Graphite 2.5 Torque, Extra High Flex, 72 grams, 46". $75 Order #HPRO2.5LL
Classic Lite Low Launch High Modulus Graphite, 3.9 torque, Extra High Flex Point, 70 grams, 46 inches $32 Order #HCLLL
Classic Lite Mid Launch. High Modulus Grahite, 3.9 torque, mid flex, 70 grams, 46". $32 Order #HCLML
Penley Stealth 70
New tip stiff shaft from Penley that promotes lower launch angles preferred by better players, including John Daly! 3.5 Torque, high flex point, 70-75 grams, 46" R, S, X, XX flex. $36 Order

Phoenixx ThermoPro Tour Series
Two new Tour-tested, thermo-composite shafts from Phoenixx Golf that offer slightly heavier weights - a feel often preferred by middle- and low-handicap players. Pro Tour and Lite Tour both maintain the visco-elasticity (the harder you swing, the stiffer the shaft plays) that is synonymous with thermo-composites and gives these shafts stiffer dynamic torques and flexes for enhanced accuracy and forgiveness. Higher kick points provide a lower, boring trajectory. Longer, stiffer parallel tip sections offer more versatility, including use with long-hosel and bore-thru metal wood designs.
Bend Point: High.
Pro Tour Woods (R, S) Item PPT $45
Lite Tour Woods (R, S) Item PLT $50

Fourth Coast Composites Retro 28
Reshafting a 975D, BBB, or GBB? Supercharge your OEM driver or fairway woods with this Reference Standard graphite shaft. We commissioned a new shaft company to design and build what we consider to be the best graphite shaft available at any price. It was designed with the low handicap, serious golfer in mind and made especially as a high performance retrofit for the Titleist 975D and other high end drivers and fairway woods. The Retro graphite shaft features low torque and high bend point specifications that skilled players demand for better dispersion and control. We included a 28 inch parallel grip section for improved distance, feel and control. After the 28 inch parallel grip section, the Retro 28 then has a 14 inch tapered shaft geometry to enhance distance and then finally a special 5" parallel tip design for added "kick". The 28 inch parallel grip offers a uniform grip feel in both hands. Even pressure in the hands and grip assures identical performance and hand action. The special shaft geometry and low torque design of the Retro 28 makes the shaft play much stiffer than the shafts you may be accustomed to and is recommended for hard swinging, better players.
2.1 torque, High flex point, 72 grams 47" $75.
We can help you choose the perfect flex for your Retro. Email us with info on your game, the club you're going to reshaft, final playing length, and we'll send you a "reproducible" shaft.