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LG-350 Superlight Fairway Wood

The Hiskei LG350 Maraging Steel Fairway woods have a beautiful gold ion finish on the face and sole plate. They're roughly 10 grams lighter than traditional fairway woods for extra distance off the fairway or tee box. The maraging steel face has a solid and rewarding "click" that you only get with premium clubheads. In 16 degree and 19 degree lofts. Pair them up with the Hiskei superlight AT50 shaft (45g) for a great combination. Email me for assembled price.

Hiskei AT50 wood shaft.

The Hiskei AT50 Superlight has the same shaft profile and is made from the same premium Japanese materials used in shafts priced at $350+.

Weighing in at only 46 grams (30% lighter than standard fairway wood shafts) in the softer flexes to increase swingspeed and reduce fatigue during your round of golf, it is designed to favor a mid-high launch and low/mid spin to help those golfers even with slower swing speeds that have trouble with high ball flight and little roll after the ball hits the ground.

The low torque, premium 40 ton carbon fiber reduces shaft distortion during the swing for control but still maintains a very smooth feel that is elusive to most superlight golf shafts.

AT50 L 45 44 .335 .600 4.5 M M M/H
AT50 A 45 46 .335 .600 3.9 M M M/H
AT50 R 45 48 .335 .600 3.7 M M M/H
AT50 F 45 51 .335 .600 3.6 M M M
AT50 S 45 54 .335 .600 3.5 M M M
AT50 X 45 57 .335 .600 3.3 M M M

Model AT50 $99.99 Retail.
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We can build a custom Hiskei driver, fairway wood, hybrid, or irons with your choice of shafts. email for a quote.

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