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Hiskei Shafts

Catch the power of the Wave.

Hiskei Wave

The Hiskei Wave shaft is one of the most unique designs since the introduction of graphite in a golf shaft.

Benefits of the Wave

The Hiskei Wave shaft has multiple kick points about 10" from the tip of the shaft. Below the wave section, towards the tip, the Wave design offers a more stable tip for control and stability. The tip flexes less than tradition shafts.

Above the tip section, the Wave design minimizes vibration so shock is relieved. You get a smooth feel/feedback, great for golfers suffering from arthritis.

At the Wave section (about 7") the shaft flexes more and the shaft accelerates for increased distance.

Improved Control. Smooth Feel. Increased Distance.
Catch the power of the Wave.

Try the Wave with a Hiskei Japanese spec driver head, Taylormade SLDR (or any Taylormade adjustable driver), or the hot new Powerbilt AFO N7. Email for a quote.

Pictured above: Enlargement of Wave section with multiple kick points.

Please see golf shaft reviews and testimonials, right side of page.

Wave A 46 48 8.6mm 14.8mm 5.0 M M M/H
Wave R 46 54 8.6mm 15.2mm 4.8 M M M/H
Wave SR (Firm) 46 56 8.6mm 15.2mm 4.8 M M M/H
Wave S 46 58 8.6mm 15.2mm 4.6 M M M

Premium Toray Japan material, 40 ton. (same material as used in $350+ Japanese name brand shafts)
Wave Length 46". Torque 4.6. Launch/spin mid. In A (48g), R (54g),
SR (Firm 56g) or Stiff (58g) Flex.

$10.00 shipping ($60 international shipping. Please email me for international order instructions)

Add $40 for any Taylormade sleeve/install labor. Email for order instructions.

Please order shaft only below.

on Square Market

We specialize in OEM adjustable driver reshafts and install adjustable sleeves for Taylormade, Callaway, Nike, Titleist, and Ping drivers and can get adjustable sleeves for any brand/model.

The price is $40 for sleeve and install labor and includes a velvet or tour wrap grip. Shaft price is extra.

Please order sleeve/install labor below.

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The Superlight.
45 grams of pure power, feel, and control.

The Hiskei AT50 Superlight has the same shaft profile and is made from the same premium Japanese materials used in shafts priced at $350+, yet is priced at only $90.00.

Weighing in at only 46 grams (30% lighter than standard fairway wood shafts) in the softer flexes to increase swingspeed and reduce fatigue during your round of golf, it is designed to favor a mid launch and low/mid spin to help those golfers even with slower swing speeds that have trouble with high ball flight and little roll after the ball hits the ground.

The low torque, premium 40 ton carbon fiber reduces shaft distortion during the swing for control but still maintains a very smooth feel that is elusive to most superlight golf shafts.

Your choice of dark gold to grey fade or the new black with gold graphics

AT50 L 45 44 .335 .600 4.5 M M M/H
AT50 A 45 46 .335 .600 3.9 M M M/H
AT50 R 45 48 .335 .600 3.7 M M M/H
AT50 F 45 51 .335 .600 3.6 M M M
AT50 S 45 54 .335 .600 3.5 M M M
AT50 X 45 57 .335 .600 3.3 M M M

Model AT50 $99.99 Retail.
Our Price $90.00 plus $10.00 shipping ($60 international)

Please order below.

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Download Full PDF Catalog of Hiskei Components here

Questions? Email here or call 810.923.7396

We can build a custom driver with the AT50 Superlight or reshaft your current driver, email for a quote.

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Wave Golf Shaft Reviews from some of my customers...

I just got home from Florida and my Wave shaft was there for me.  I used it today with no range time. Just right to the first tee.....

Hey, John, wanted to let you know I had the Wave shaft put in my 3-wood and had a chance to play it for the first time on Friday. Hit some glorious shots, including a 220-yd approach to the long 18th at my club that actually slightly overshot the green! Love the feel and the shape of the flight -- nice rising baby draws that don’t balloon and roll out well.
So, thanks, man! Looking forward to getting some more hits with it.


What a kick a** shaft! My Ping got 15 yards longer on good hits and 10 yards on bad. My buddies could not believe it! Please send 3 more "A" flex.



Hi John,

I love the wave shaft just as you predicted in you write-ups about it. So I am ready to order for my fairways. I'd like to order two of them, one for each of my fairway woods.