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Krank Golf

Krank Golf Wins Back to Back to Back to Back Re/Max World Longdrive Championships in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013!

Now available as a component or assembled at Clubmaker Online.

Krank Golf dominates the World Long Drive Championship again with a win in the 2013 Championship by Tim Burke.

Tim used a Krank Formula 5 driver to blast a final round record drive of 427 yards to take the Championship.

This is the 4th Open Division win in a row for Krank Golf. In addition, 3 of the top 4 finalists were using the Krank Golf Formula 5 driver!

The Krank Golf Formula 5 driver is available at Clubmaker Online as a component or assembled driver.

Not a long drive competitor? No problem! I can build you a Krank driver with your choice of just about any high performance shaft made. Send me an email here for help choosing the right shaft.

Maximum Energy Transfer Technology : This Exclusive Krank Golf® technology stores the energy created at impact more forward in the driver head and release the energy back to the ball more efficiently than any driver made today.

Maximum Rigidity : Krank Golf® has designed this driver to resist bowing and deforming at impact. Thus, diminishing the loss of energy created at impact through the deformation of the driver head itself.

Maximum Metal Hardness : Krank Golf® is at the forefront of metal technology. Maximizing metal hardness is key to performance. Krank Golf® Drivers exceed all other manufactures in metal hardness technology.

Toe and Heel Adjustable Weighting : This New Driver can be played from 194 Grams to 208 Grams. This weighting system allows every golfer to dial in the best possible head weight needed for their swing. ($36 add-on weight kit required)

100% Forged Driver : Krank Golf® only builds 100% Forged Drivers. This is one of the most important aspects of all Krank Golf® Drivers and one of the reasons Krank Golf® completely dominates the world of distance hitting with 8 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. There is no comparison to hitting 100% Forged driver heads over a cast driver heads, even with insert faces. The forging process creates more ball speed, less spin and far better durability. Why drive a Honda when you can drive a Ferrari?

I specialize in lightweight drivers for senior golfers and golfers of all swings and ability. I feature the Hiskei Wave golf shaft. Made in Japan with a unique stepped "wave" section for added kick, distance in control. Available in both standard lengths and flexes and also in a new 48" XX (286 cpm) and XXX (296 cpm) longdrive version. Information on the new Wave shaft here.

Another excellent shaft choice is the new Graman GMAxxx. 48", 50 grams (at 48"!), super premium materials with a low kick point for ease getting the ball airborn.

The Krank Formula 5 is available in 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, and 12 degree lofts and I can build one for you using lightweight shafts from the finest shaft manufacturers in the world. Final price depends on shaft choice. Email me for help choosing the right shaft for your game.

Assembled prices start at $375 with shaft choices from Mitsubishi, Fujikura, UST, Graphite Design, Matrix, House of Forged, Hiskei Wave, Graman, Penley, Grafalloy, AJ Tech, Aldila, Project X and much more.

If you like to build your own clubs, the Krank Formula 5 is available as a component for $309 plus $9.95 shipping ($55 shipping International).

Please order component head below.


Questions? Email here or call 810.923.7396 to talk about shaft choices for your new driver.

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