Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shaft Chart

I'm updating the Mitsubishi shaft chart to include the latest Mitsubishi shafts. Please email me discuss playing characteristics and to help choose the best Mitsubishi Rayon golf shaft for your game.

The entire Mitsubishi Rayon shaft line, including the new Kuro Kage, Diamana + series, Kai'li, 'ahina, 'ilima and more, is available from the shaft experts at Clubmaker Online. Please follow the links at top or right navigation bar for specifications and prices. Ask about our R9 reshaft service. Have one of the premium Mitsubishi Rayon shafts installed on an aftermarket R9, R11, or Rocketballz sleeve to hot rod your Taylormade driver, fairway wood, or hybrid.

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Diamana BlueBoard

Diamana Whiteboard

Diamana Redboard

Diamana 'ilima


Diamana Kai'li

Javln FX