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Introducing the new Penley ET2

The ET2 composite golf shaft from Carter Penley was manufactured with feel, control, and distance as the primary design drivers. All other parameters (mechanical and physical) compliment these three design attributes.

To accomplish this design application Carter Penley concentrated on player inconsistencies that generally affect control and distance.

The major challenge of the ET2 project was to design and manufacture a golf shaft that would counteract some or all of these player inconsistencies therefore allowing a player to improve their game and most importantly lower their score.

The ET2  has been designed to increase the stability and control of a player’s golf club through newly developed designs, materials, manufacturing processes and the tightest controlled tolerances in the golf shaft industry today. This creates a golf shaft that is dramatically more resistant to the player’s inconsistencies in their swing. The shaft actually makes corrections during the down swing to counteract player input yielding a longer and straighter hit.

We started developing this shaft over a year ago and have had great player feed back and I truly feel for the better player this shaft is the best design to date, bar none.

The ET2  requires the most exotic material in its manufacture to achieve the mechanical properties needed to effect the result I was striving for. This golf shaft has more touch time than any golf shaft manufactured in the world today; there are four machining processes alone that must be completed in series with measurements taken after each machining operation is completed before the next machining operation can be started (this is the backbone of TBAR [Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio] perfectly matching the flexural load bearing path along the longitudinal axis (tip to butt) of the ET2 shaft and I personally supervise this machining process from beginning to end.

No other designer, engineer, CEO/Founder of any other golf shaft company to my knowledge puts in this amount of effort and I am proud to do it because I feel personally responsible for each and every golf shaft that my company produces and I owe nothing less to my loyal customers.

The ‘Z’ flexes are more of a custom tour level product and require tighter tolerances. When ordering, the player should relate some information to you such as his preference to butt flex such as mid range (which is what we inventory) butt flex or stiff side or soft side with his/her corresponding tip flex such as mid (again this is what we stock) stiff side or soft side.

ET2 Specification

Flex Range Weight Length Tip Diameter But Diameter Torque TBAR Matched Price
R 70 46 .335 .600 4 X $145
S 70 46 .335 .600 3.8 X $150
X 75 46 .335 .600 3.6 X $155
Z 75 46 .335 .610 3.5 X $165

The TBAR Algorithom (tip to butt aspect ratio) is the determining flex factor, although we do apply some common flex range descriptions to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play.

Carter Penley developed a specific flex range for the professional level player (PGA, LPGA, Long Drive, and aspiring amateurs) and denotes that flex as "Z". Players of this level may want to contact us by email to determine if the production mid-range TBAR shaft is suitable for their specific swing or if a custom model is appropriate.

Shaft color is metallic silver with blue logo. Shipping is $9.95 to lower 48 and $35 international. If you have any questions on the new ET2, please email or call 810.923.7396.

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