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Introducing the new
Penley Heater2 Hybrid Shaft

Carter Penley developed the Hybrid Heater2 specifically for Tour use, working with two major OEM Tour Vans in this design process. Ball trajectory is vital, a high trajectory (ballooning) leaves the player short and a low (flat) trajectory gives the player too much roll, overshooting the green.

The better ball strike is one that launches the ball a few degrees higher than the loft of the head and carries 80% of the distance to the target and then drops at a 50 to 55 degree angle to the target surface with virtually a soft impact and very little roll, allowing the player to achieve their desired distance with accuracy and confidence with every strike. Trust the Penley Research & Development design to get you the results you want because Penley golf shafts are designed to improve the player's ball striking ability.

Heater2 Hybrid Specification

Flex Range Weight Length Tip Diameter But Diameter Torque TBAR Matched Price
R 90 41.5 .370 .605 2.3 X $90
S 90 41.5 .370 .605 2.3 X $90
X 90 41.5 .370 .600 2.3 X $90

Shaft color is black with yellow graphics/ logo. Shipping is $9.95 to lower 48 and $35 international. If you have any questions on the new Heater2 Hybrid, please email or call 810.923.7396.

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