Swing Faster-Not Harder
Traverse HiCor Microlite Longdriver
15-20% Lighter than Traditional Drivers

New microlite components are opening a new frontier in golf club design.

The Traverse HiCor Microlite Longdriver is designed to be played at longer lengths with very lightweight shafts and grips for a driver that can be built 15-20% lighter than traditional drivers. The minimum suggested length is 45.75" for men (up to 48"), and 44.50" for ladies.

At 190 grams, the premium 2-piece cast head is 8 to 12 grams lighter than typical clubheads so a more flexible shaft that you would typically play is required so the shaft plays to flex. For example, if you play a Regular flex, you'll need an A flex (senior flex) so the club will play to the flex you're after.

The Traverse HiCor MicroLite comes with two 5g weight screws. If you'd like an even lighter driver, install the available two 1 gram screws ($2 each) for a 182 gram headweight. Email me for help choosing the right shaft flex as adjustments must be made to compensate for the head weight.

Why 2-Piece Cast instead of 4 piece Forged?
The Japanese Kobe Titanium body on the Traverse is cast to allow us to use a thinner, yet more rigid material for less distortion of the clubhead body at impact. Less distortion of the body (while the face "springs") means more energy is transferred to the ball for maximum distance.

Testimonials/Feedback from Traverse Microlite Driver users here

I've tested several shafts with the Traverse HiCor Microlite Longdriver. For slower swinging/slow tempo seniors and women golfers with 70-85 mph swingspeeds, I suggest the stock UST Mamiya MicroLite 50 MP4 (high launch) or MP5 . The new Grafalloy Blackbird is a new 47", 52 gram shaft, with Speedcoat paint technology, perfect for building a long/lightweight driver.

Moving up a bit for slower to average swingspeed golfers (85-105mph swingspeed, average tempo), the UST Mamiya Microlite 50 MP5 , the UST Proforce VTS55, the SK Fiber Superfly, or Fujikura Blur (Blue) 004 or 005 and Blur Red 004 or 005 are excellent. The Fujikura Blur (Blue) offers a bit lower launch/spin vs the other shafts listed and the new Blur Red offers a higher launch/spin vs. the Blur Blue.

Grafalloy has introduced a new 52 gram high launch model called the Blackbird with a new Speedcoat technology for enhanced performance.

Finally, average/fast tempo to faster swingspeed golfers (95-110 mph) will benefit from the stability of the Fujikura Blur (Blue) 005 or the UST Proforce VTS 55. Email me here or call 810.923.7396 for shaft pricing and help choosing the right shaft for your game.

All but the Fujikura Blur are available from my web catalog as a component or as a complete club (no component for the Fujikura Blur).

The lightweight shafts I've tested allow me to build a lightweight driver that weighs in at 255 grams at 47.5"! Go with a shorter length and lighter headweight and the Traverse HiCor Microlite will weigh in at under 255 grams, about 20% lighter than traditional drivers built with heavy shafts and clubheads designed for high swinging PGA Tour golfers.

The combination super thin HiCor face, rigid two piece cast body, superlight clubhead, and longer, lightweight shaft will increase your ballspeed, increase your swingspeed, and give you the added distance you have lost.

The Traverse HiCor Microlite isn't just for senior and women golfers. Golfers with swingspeeds up to 110 mph can enjoy the benefits (actually even great distance gains than slower swings) of a superlight longdriver.

If you like to build your own clubs, you can buy the Traverse HiCor Microlite Longdriver head as a component.

I can also build your club to order for you with a stock shaft or a choice of upgrade shafts. Email me or call 810.923.7396 to talk about a shaft choice and prices.

Testimonials/Feedback from Traverse Microlite Driver users here

Material: Body: Kobe Beta Titanium , Face: JEF 60T Forged Beta titanium
Process: Two Piece Premium cast body/Forged Face
Weight 190g (with 2, 5 gram weight screws)
1 gram screw weight kits available for purchase (two 1g screws in the kit, $4) to make your clubhead 182 grams!
You can also install one 5g and one 1 gram screw for a 186g clubhead with heel or toe weighting.

Lofts: 10 deg or 12 deg
Lie 58 deg
Component clubhead price: $159

Shipping is $9.95 to lower 48 U.S., and $40 International.
Please order clubhead only below.


Optional weight screw kite with two 1 gram screws, $4.00
Please order below.


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