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V10 Forged Driver

The Hiskei V10 Driver head is a lightweight 460cc forged clubhead.

At only 197 grams (193g in 12 degree loft), the V10 is lighter than many OEM drivers for increased swingspeed and distance and less fatigue later in the round.

The V10 features the highest allowable COR for distance and a design that promotes a slightly flatter trajectory for optimum roll out after the ball hits the fairway.

Available as a component (both shaft and clubhead) or assembled.

Specifications: 197 grams, 59 degree lie, face angle slightly closed, lofts 9.5 and 10.5. The 12 degree loft has as 60 degree lie angle, 193 grams.

Clubhead only. $130.00 plus $9.95 shipping. International shipping via USPS Express is estimated at $50, depending on weight and distance. Please order below.

V10 Clubhead/component, please order below.


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Optional headcover, $10. Please order below.


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Hiskei AT50 45 gram shaft/component.

AT50 L 45 44 .335 .600 4.5 M M M/H
AT50 A 45 46 .335 .600 3.9 M M M/H
AT50 R 45 48 .335 .600 3.7 M M M/H
AT50 F 45 51 .335 .600 3.6 M M M
AT50 S 45 54 .335 .600 3.5 M M M
AT50 X 45 57 .335 .600 3.3 M M M

Model AT50 $99.99 Retail.
Our Price $90.00 plus $9.95 shipping ($55 international)

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Also available assembled, email me to discuss shaft flex/clubhead loft and order information.
Try the V10 with the Hiskei 45 gram AT50 shaft (pictured above) for a perfect superlight longdriver! Introductory priced at $250.

Download Full PDF Catalog of Hiskei Components here

Questions? Email here or call 810.923.7396

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We can build a custom Hiskei driver, fairway wood, hybrid, or irons with your choice of shafts. email for a quote.

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"Absolutely the best driver from components (Hiskei LG350). Been building clubs since 1985 and waited a long long time for Japanese spec components to be available. Now at par and constantly out driver my foursome group. Enjoying the game again. Tks John."

Danny S.

Thanks for the new driver!!!!  (Hiskei V10 with Hiskei AT50 A flex shaft, 47" playing length) It is much better than the Adams driver that I have been using.  It has required 3 or 4 days of play before it really has become a familiar driver (and will probably take several more days of play to really become a familiar club.  Now for the overall report.  (1) It is about 20 yards longer than my best drives with the old drivers.  (2) In my original order I stated that the 10.5 Adams driver was very high and had very little roll (I stated that my drives got about as much roll as a pitching wedge).  Well that has changed.  My drives still are high (not nearly as much as previous) and gets quite a bit of roll.  3.  The lighter weight makes it easier to swing and I do not get as tired as previous.  

I am very pleased with the new driver and want to thank you very much.