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Geek Fail Safe 3

The FS Series has culminated into the AlmoDesigned FS3!

This latest and last re-design of the FS Series of Drivers is finally of satisfactory re-design to Geek Golf and Steve Almo, the designer.

"I am very pleased with the FS3... I have made several structural design changes and I have achieved the 'perfect sound' for this Beast! This will appeal to higher handicappers and very good players as well! This club sets up at the address position.. PERFECT! I am quite pleased with the new FS3 and with the DOT COM THIS and have finally completed the Geek stable of the 2 Drivers that will rival any Major Golf Company in quality and performance..... The FS3 and Dot Com This, you will agree, will put all those Major Brand Drivers into your garage where they belong...the reason? They have been Geeked!"
The Failsafe 3 comes in lofts of  6*  7.5*  9*  10.5*  12*, right and left hand.

A FREE GEEK GOLF headcover is included - featuring a dual-magnetic drop down flap (patent pending) for easy access to your GEEK GOLF Driver!
Component price $159


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House of Forged White Shaft-MSRP $99.95. This shaft was used by the 2008 Open division winner (and 3rd and 9th place finishers) and is offered here in a 46" version designed for "the rest of us".
FLEX - These shafts are available in the following flexes: Lady, Senior, Regular, Tour Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff, X, and Tour X flexes.

WEIGHT – The shaft weight runs from 62-grams to 67-grams (depending on flex).

TORQUE – These shafts have 3.9 true torque

KICK-POINT – these shafts have a 2.06 mid/high kick-point.

.335 tip – all shafts have a standard .335 diameter tip.

Butt OD – the butt outside diameter is .600

PARALLEL TIP – the parallel tip section runs 4.5”

TIP TENSION STRENGTH – the tip tension strength is (firm) at 1.92

OUR INTRODUCTORY PRICE-$79.95. Order below.


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The Aldila DVS golf shaft takes power to a new level. The DVS features an innovative, new responsive tip design for extra kick at impact with an optimum launch. Stabilized with a unique flex profile and very low torque – distance is maximized. Aldila’s revolutionary Micro Laminate Technology, enhanced with carbon nanotubes, provides for perfect feel. High performance technology harnessed and perfected into a special blend of weight, torque, flex and feel. Simply put, it’s sneaky long.
Aldila DVS Golf Shaft, order below.
$199.00 in R, S or X Flex.


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We'll build a DCT with the new Aldila DVS for a special introductory price of $299.
EMail for help choosing the proper loft and flex.

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Try the FS3 with the Aldila DVS, House of Forged Patriot "Whup n Shaft", 50" House of Forged longdrive "Whup n Shaft", or the Grafalloy Epic.