What's Red Hot, has a Great Big Butt and is Gripless? AJ TECH introduced the new AJ Red Hot 9000 Gripless graphite composite shaft that was the talk of the show. This ultralight shaft has a patented integral grip and two chamber construction that allows AJ Tech to build clubs that swing faster, go further, fly straighter, and have less torque than any other ultralight club in the business. Click here to learn how AJ TECH is setting the golf world on fire!

Harrison Sports has added a Feather-Lite Series to their excellent line of lightweight, boron reinforced graphite shafts. Harrison shafts hold many long drive records including the 1995 North America Long Drive Championship (both Champion and Second Place), the Utah Section PGA Sanctioned Long Drive Record (430 yds), the 1994 National Long Drive Championship-Second, Third, Fifth and Sixth Place, and the 1993 National Long Drive Championship-Champion.
Click here for a tutorial on Frequency Matching your Harrison Graphite iron shafts
Are your clubheads and graphite shafts in harmony? Fenwick Golf matches wood and iron heads using a new technology called Modality Synchronization. Each shaft is subjected to vibaration. At certain "natural frequencies" node lines appear on the face of the club. Fenwick plots these node lines and if they appear at or near the clubhead's desired sweetspot, you have a shaft that is perfectly in tune. Follow the links to learn more about ModeSync by Fenwick Golf and for a chart of winning clubhead/shaft combinations.

Grafalloy announced the addition of the ProLite Iron shaft (available in November) . The ProLite Wood will be available in both black (to match the ProLite Iron) and in red. The Prolite shaft has been very popular among tour professionals and over 40 PGA Tour pros have switched to ProLite shafted drivers so far this year because they believe the ProLite ishelping them hit the ball farther with more control-and helping them win tournaments. In fact, Fred Funk recently won the B.C. Open with the help of his new ProLite shafted driver.

This page is under construction. (Links in blue are active). Watch this page for the latest shaft news from Harrison Shafts, True Temper, Grafalloy, and more!

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