Cool Tools

I found quite a few interesting tools, gadgets, and goodies to help you sell more clubs and increase profits including a new label/printer system from Greenbriar Golf Worldwide that prints custom shaft labels from your PC, a new shaft swing frequency matching system from Lotus Golf, a new training grip called SmartGrip from SoundAdvice that provides feedback, software from TruFit Golf designed by a clubmaker for clubmakers to help you run/organize your shop, logo'd shaft golf caps (embroidered with logos from Rifle, True Temper, etc.) from Royal Grips/Roxxi Caps, and rubber and cord grip cleaner and revitalizer from Clean and Tacky that maintains grip tackiness and consistent feel. Please follow the links to learn more about these new products.

I am thinking about offering many of the reviewed products through my Clubmaker Catalog. Let me know if you have a particular item you'd like to see included.

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