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Yamada Machine Milled Putter Series

Stick of Life. Presented to President Barack Obama
by the Prime Minister of Japan.

Yamada introduces their premium Machine Milled Series putters.
Priced a $299 plus $35 shipping direct from Japan.

The Prime Minister Abe could have chosen any putter in the world to present to US President Barack Obama during a recent visit to the US.
Why did he choose a Yamada putter and Dream 54 training aid?  

It is made of the same premium soft carbon steel as the Yamada handmade putters and goes through a double platinum boron finish treatment which gives the face of the putter an extra soft feel and sound.

The Yamada Stick of Life has a black nickel finish for a beautiful
non-glare look.

 It comes in 4* of loft and 72* lie angle. 370 grams.
33, 34 or 35" in length.

All putters come standard with a custom Nippon shaft made especially for Yamada, a rubber grip and Yamada headcover.

Questions? Email here or call 810.923.7396

Please order Yamada Stick of Life putter below.  

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