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Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

The Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer tackifying cloth is specially formulated to provide a superior grip in any and all conditions. Non toxic, it can be used to improve your grip and feel of your golf grip, bat, gloves, tennis racquet, racquetball racquet, bowling, hockey, track and field, weightlifting...anything that requires an enhanced grip. Use Gorilla Gold lightly for a slight tackiness, or use it generously for a "pine tar like" tackiness. Use it over and over again, the normal product life is 3 to 6 weeks.

Even wet is no sweat!

Let it rain!  Grip with confidence even during the worst downpours and highest humidity.

No sweat!  Instantly repels moisture from hands, grips, gloves.   

Get a sure, dry, new grip feel for every club, every swing.

Prevents over-gripping to compensate for lack of feel.

Long Drivers agree, Gorilla Gold is "The tack in attack!" When you swing as hard as some of the world's longest drivers, you can't afford to have your grip slip.  Gorilla Gold let's long drivers give it everything they've got and without fear of the club turning in their hands.



: $5.00 ea
(each cloth lasts 3-6 weeks)
Shipping: $4.85 to continental US


Simply squeeze Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer tackifying cloth on your club grips until you get the amount of tackiness you desire. Use Gorilla Gold with or
without a glove, and as often as necessary to maintain your grip and improve your game. Depending upon the amount of tackiness you desire and the conditions of the day use Gorilla Gold sparingly for a slight amount of tackiness, or heavily for a really tacky grip. With Gorilla Gold you can have 'the grip you want, when you want it!'

Gives you the feel of a new grip everytime you play.
Improves the power and control of your shots.
Is non-toxic, clean and easy to use.
Is easy to control the amount of tackiness.
Is used on your grips, with or without gloves.
Allows a more relaxed grip for a smooth natural club swing.
Is permitted under the Rules Of Golf, by Major League Baseball for major and minor league play.